To block out a significant amount of unwanted calls one can register with TPS (Telephone Preference Service). This service is free and can put your land line or mobile phone number on a list so you not receive unsolicited marketing or sales calls. An exception to this is companies who are doing market research or those that you have worked with in the past. Some charities and political organizations are also exempt and may keep calling you even after you register with TPS.

Recent updated research has found that 60% of UK households are now listed on the Telephone Preference Service list in order to reduce the number of unsolicited calls received from telemarketers, charities, and political parties. Studies began in 2005 when it was determined that the result of this service has reduced the number of these unwanted phone calls from 9.6 to 2.1 per month. However, not everyone has registered and those who haven't often find themselves inundated by marketers who call at any time of the day or night.

The research was conducted by the Brookmead Consulting firm for TPS in order to determine the level of compliance with new laws which now regulate this facet of the industry and commissioned them again in 2008 in order to generate longitudinal data. This strategy is often used in business in order to determine trends as well as to ensure that programs in place are effective. In this case the data generated revealed that, for those who have signed up, the program proved highly effective as was seen in the 20% reduction in the number of reported calls per month.

Unfortunately, even once registered for this service, telemarketers can still utilize text messaging SMS marketing media. To eliminate this problem one must 'opt-out' with the company who is sending the message. This can be done by looking up their website and contacting customer service either through an email or phoning directly. You can also report the SMS spam to you may report it to

These regulations are enforced by the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office). Any consumer who has a residential address, sole traders, and partnerships can register. An exception to this rule is Scotland partnerships that are exempt from this law.

There is no charge for this service and the stopped calls will begin 28 days after registering. Registration is completely free as well as easy. Simply go on and follow the simple steps that guide you through the registration process. Should you be contacted by someone claiming there is a fee for this service, be very wary; it is a scam.

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