Are you signed up to Do Not Call registry?


Are you receiving unwanted sales and marketing calls that interrupt meals, naps, or other events of a busy day? This happens all the time and one of the most irritating calls are those that are on automatic dial. In this case, it is a recorded message or silence which indicates that one is not important enough to receive a call from a real person. Another complaint that has been received is calls from people whose language is difficult to understand. Many of these calls are generated from other countries and simply saying "I can't understand you" does little to dissuade them.

Because of this annoying interruption to daily lives people started complaining and the introduction of a 'Do Not Call' registry came into being. Strangely enough, although managed by the government, the service is actually paid for by marketing companies. They realized they were losing customers with these annoying calls so they agreed to finance this plan. The result was legislation designed to limit annoying calls to only people who like them.

There is no cost to register your home or mobile phone number on the Do Not Call registry. The registration goes into effect approximately 28 days after registering and then no one can contact you with the exception of companies engaged in legitimate research or who have had prior business with you until you request in writing that they do not contact you again. You do have rights, even on the phone, so take advantage of services that ensure the calls you receive are the ones that are most important to you.

Also don't forget to always leave a complaint on when you receive a call from telemarketer.

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