Three common phone scams

I'd like to make everyone aware of these 3 common phone scams

  1. Free Vacation Calls - claiming you "Won a free cruise to Jamaica and all expenses are paid" Unfortunately as much as we would all love a free vacation to a white sandy beach this is a huge scam. These calls come in many forms such as a cruise,ski trip,beach,etc. They will ask you for important financial and personal information in order to claim your "free prize". Make sure to never give out any personal or financial information.

  2. Fake charities Calls - yes people honestly pose as fake charities and try to get people to donate money. Yes this is a huge scam, make sure to always check a charities website to verify the correct contact information for that charity. If you feel uncomfortable or unsure whether it is legitimate, hang up and verify correct contact information.

  3. Debt collector calls- asking you to pay back your loan, they often use threats to gain access to financial information of consumers. If you receive this call ask for the persons name, contact, and number than hang up the phone. Next step is to call your creditor and verify the information to verify if you're really in debt. It is important to remember that you can hang up and verify information of the caller.

Spread this important information about these type of scams to family and friends so that others can protect themselves.

If you're ever unsure the legitimacy of these calls or number's use our site to help provide you the correct information.
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