Memorial day scam

Do you still remember the Memorial Day that was commemorated a couple weeks ago?

Memorial Day is time to honor service men and women and sacrifices they have made. Unfortunately, it can be an opportunity for scam artist to take advantage of this event to make some quick money through phone scams.

The Better Business Bureau released scam alert tied to this occasion and provided a list of various scams and misleading tactics that especially target the military community which include:

- Impersonating a military or veteran charity's website and soliciting for donations

- Posing as the Veterans Administration and asking veterans to update their credit card, bank or other financial records with the VA.

- Charging service member for services they could get for free, such as military records

- Offering "military loans" with high interest rates and hidden fees

- Deceiving service members with fake discounts and incentives for housing then snagging the security deposit

- Selling stolen vehicles at low prices by pretending to be a soldier who needs to sell fast due to upcoming deployment

- Steal members identity by posing as government contractor recruiting veterans then asking for a copy of job's applicant's passport

- Posing as a lonely service member on social network or dating service then asking victim to wire money to a third party for some emergency

The con artist also targeting people who support the militaries by asking for donation to support those who have served our country. To avoid falling victim to such scams, do your research before giving. Get as much information as you can about the business. Never wire transfer to someone you don't know. Always check the number on site's like ours

There's no possible way to track money sent by wire transfer.

Do not click links within unsolicited mail or entering personal information on unfamiliar website. Make sure you have updated anti-virus software installed. Beware of identity theft. Put an active duty alert on your credit card report to limit the risk of identity theft.

Always remember that, crocks can see an opportunity in every occasion. Memorial Day is just one example. Thus, always protect yourself and your loved ones with updated information to prevent unwanted things happen.
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