Have you recently received a call from the IRS?

You're not alone, this is one of the new sophisticated phone scams being implemented all throughout the country. This IRS phone scam is particularly rampant during tax season, but is prevalent throughout the year. Con artist will call posing to be government employees at the IRS. Thousands of consumers has been ripped off already, so here is some information to help prevent this from happening to you

Some helpful information regarding these calls:

  • The IRS will never call demanding instant payment over the phone

  • Never require you to identity personal information such social security, address or important financial information

  • Ask for credit or debit card numbers of the phone

  • Require Unique methods of payment such as wire transfer or PayPal

  • Threaten use of law enforcement

These con artist will continue to think of new ways to try impersonate the IRS. Always check the number on callercenter.com to verify authenticity of the number.
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