Welcome to our development blog

Hello everyone! My name is Robert Sinclair and I will be providing you with regular updates during the development stages of callercenter.com

I want to begin by telling you a little bit about CallerCenter.com

There are a number of other web-sites that perform similar tasks, but we believe that we can offer something special and even more advanced.

Tools like CallerCenter allow people to see that they're not alone. It creates a sense of community where people can share their frustrations and experiences.

CallerCenter is also a powerful tool for fighting telemarketers in the real sense of the word.

We will report the offenders to proper authorities. Our complex algorithm detects and exposes offenders' methods and company names. Apart from the actual complaint offenders will need to deal with the removal process. It will take additional time and effort on the their behalf which should discourage them from re-offending.

Everyone on the development team knows how annoying telemarketers can be. Sometimes we choose not to answer the phone because we don't recognize a telephone number and don't want to be bothered.

We believe it shouldn't be that way. A home telephone line is something very personal and private. We use it to communicate with those that are truly close to us. So when strangers invade our private space we feel violated. It is only normal that we fight back against those that disturb us for the sole purpose of making a profit.

Essentially our goal is to put ourselves out of business. It would be great to make unauthorized telemarketing calls a thing of the past. It can only be achieved if the issue is out in the open and people come together to achieve this common goal.

I feel very strongly about this issue and feel truly blessed to have been given a chance to contribute to the success of callercenter.com

Until next time!
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