Our Environment

Today's meeting we discussed the design and how it will be implemented with some of the additional modules on the site. The discussions are lively and every member feels like they have a chance to chip in.

I was a bit disappointed because the mock-up I liked the most did not get picked (but it was the second choice). The chosen design is still very attractive. I like how Binh pays attention to small detail.

Wanted to say a few words about the work environment. Even though we're a relatively young team the environment is great. The President of the company shared a little secret with me, a large part of his management style comes from reading "Drive" by Daniel H. Pink.

We get to pick our own schedules and how we perform most of our tasks. The office in which we work is also very open to communication. It's nothing like the cubicle mazes you see on Dilbert and office space.

Best way to describe it, is that it's an open loft. We have hardwood floors and dark red brick walls. The kitchen is kind of messy right now, but we try to keep it clean most of the time (sorry cleaning lady!).

Tomorrow we're going to be making some major decisions about data sets and other fun stuff.

Until next time!
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