Marketing 101

Was a very interesting day for me. In the morning the President invited me into his office to attend a meeting he scheduled with a marketing consultant. I was a bit surprised because there was already a person from our marketing department.

The consultant started his presentation and explained quite a bit of things in a span of 60 minutes. His main emphasis was on the viral marketing and how you can easily build brand awareness.

During his speech I realized why I was summoned.

The consultant emphasized several times that the best marketing agents are the site visitors. If they like the site they will talk about it on their blogs, forums, on twitter and other Web 2.0 properties.

But to get them talking we need a really awesome product that does not suck.

After attending the meeting, I've become even more confident that CallerCenter will easily gain popularity with our end users. We want to make a product that people will love using and that people would be proud to share with their friends because it is so awesome. Essentially we're building a product that will market itself.
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