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For Better Or Worse

Mother nature has been acting real funny these past couple of days. Huge amounts of snow befell on our beautiful city and it caused quite a few headaches for people on the streets.

There was a huge pileup of cars on HW-40 that stretched around 2.5 km and involved at least 40 vehicles (including large trucks). I was lucky to avoid it (praise the iPhone) or I would have been stuck for 6 hours. One of our programmers lives outside the island and has to travel through a particularly tricky stretch of High-way. Our President decided not to take any chances and let him take a day off.

But even with this nasty weather we’re steaming away. A lot of new modules are being reviewed and it looks like we’ll be seeing an Alpha version of the site in the upcoming weeks (may be even days, but I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot).

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