Preserving the Balance

Part of my job apart from programming (and writing stellar blog posts) is market research. Part of this includes researching telemarketing call centers and how they operate. I've uncovered a surprising amount of information about how they work.

Since I'm not a reporter my posts about telemarketers may be a bit biased (these are my personal points of view and do not represent those of

Interestingley enough, telemarketing call centers have extremely high turn over rates. That means that people get hired and fired very often. This is why a lot of the call centers are located in downtown and in proximity to the metro stations. Location is a very important factor when deciding where to open the call center. Convenient locations ensure that young people (who make up the majority in those call centers) can easily get to work.

Did you know that a telemarketing agent can make up to 200 calls per day? That is an exception, but the average high number of calls is in the 100 calls. So if a call center hired an agent at 10$ per hour, they are paying around 0.70 cents per call. If the telemarketer is good at pitching products he can make the company a lot of money in a fairly quick amount of time.

This is what makes telemarketing call centers so expensive and so profitable at the same time.

By the way, one of the major expenses in telemarketing call centers are their PBX systems. The call routing is done by computers and I can only imagine what type of frustrations a broken system can cause. Imagine being a person on the call list who is getting calls non-stop because the system glitched?

The more I read about them, the less I like them. A call center often plants itself in the middle of a big city. Certain call center dabbled with smaller cities, but the high churn rate doesn't allow it. If they plant themselves in a small city they will burn through the whole work force too quickly to keep the operation profitable.

If someone puts so much money and effort into making, often unsolicited, sales calls there has to be someone who can counterbalance that. This is the job of sites like CallerCenter. Our social obligation is to counteract against those that don't respect the rules of the game.

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