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DHL Phone Scam Stole $9 Million from 155 People

Just read the following story. A DHL phone scam caused about $9 million dollars stolen from 155 people in Singapore. This is quite disturbding. Not only it’s a lot of money was involved, also because local police received 3,000+ phone … Continue reading

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Three common phone scams

I’d like to make everyone aware of these 3 common phone scams Free Vacation Calls -  claiming you “Won a free cruise to Jamaica and all expenses are paid” Unfortunately as much as we would all love a free vacation to … Continue reading

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Have you recently received a call from the IRS?

You’re not alone, this is one of the new sophisticated phone scams being implemented all throughout the country. This IRS phone scam is particularly rampant during tax season, but is prevalent throughout the year. Con artist will call posing to be … Continue reading

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Memorial day scam

Do you still remember the Memorial Day that was commemorated a couple weeks ago? Memorial Day is time to honor service men and women and sacrifices they have made. Unfortunately, it can be an opportunity for scam artist to take advantage … Continue reading

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Did you get a call from a strange phone number recently? Are you getting extremely high phone bill that doesn’t match your usage? Are you getting calls from people you don’t know, accusing you of making obscene calls? Are you … Continue reading

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Refund and recovery scam call

Being duped and scammed out of money is bad enough. Unfortunately, victims who lost money to a scammer once are likely to get another scam call. With a guarantee to help them recover the money they lost or get a … Continue reading

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Telemarketers pay him per minute of his time

When we read the original story on BBC we couldn’t believe it. A gentleman by the name of Lee Beaumont setup a pay-per-minute line, known as 0871 line in U.K, and advised telemarketers that called to call him back on the 0871 number … Continue reading

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Dial Through Fraud | Information and Prevention

Just recently, a new scam has surfaced but several business establishments including small enterprises were already victims to it. This latest scheme is called Dial Through Fraud (DTF). As the name implied, the hackers find networks that are easily compromised … Continue reading

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Tips on how to avoid becoming victim of a scam

There are three things that you can do in order not to fall victim to phones scams. 1. Never cooperate: This is the most important piece of advice. If you do not cooperate with the caller, there’s almost 0 chance … Continue reading

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Slamming Scam Still Baffles Consumers

It seems like there is always something on the market when it comes to trying to take advantage of the consumer. One of these new scams is called SLAMMING. This is illegal and occurs when your traditional telephone carrier is … Continue reading

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