Tips on how to avoid becoming victim of a scam

There are three things that you can do in order not to fall victim to phones scams.

1. Never cooperate:

This is the most important piece of advice. If you do not cooperate with the caller, there's almost 0 chance that you will fall victim to their scam.

Cooperating can mean several things: provide information, confirm information, send money or perform any other direction requested by the caller.

Today's scams are so sophisticated that even dialing a number on your phone can make you a victim.

There's an example of a sophisticated scam which involves convicts who place calls from prison. When they call your number they pretend to be the telephone company and ask you to dial a special combination on your phone.

When you dial that combination your phone bill is automatically charged.

Also never provide or confirm information. In some cases the scammers have partial information about your person, but require one more missing piece in order to do a successful identity theft.

When they call you they may pretend to be an electric company or your financial institution and try to get you to "confirm" your identity by providing your date of birth for example. Never confirm or provide any information to the caller.

Last but not least is you should never send money when the caller is asking you to do so.

As always just keep in mind that if you do not cooperate you are safe.

2. Always check all the facts:

The thing about phone scammers is that they always try to take the easiest route. They are rarely prepared to answer even the simplest questions. In one instance a scammer called pretending to work for the IRS, when the would-be victim asked the scammer what the IRS stands for the scammer simply replied "how should I know?"

So when you get a call from someone says that they work for an organization try to ask some simple questions and then tell them that you would like to call them back. Simply googling up their name and phone number can reveal a lot of information.

If they give you a phone number and they say that they work for your phone company try to find that phone number on the phone company's website. Unless you are the one initiating the call should always be weary of anyone who calls you first.

3. Do not become confrontational:

Once you discover that the caller is a scammer you should not become confrontational. These people have very poor moral compasses and often harass their phone victims just for the sake of harassing them. They may derive pleasure from phone abuse and can easily change phone numbers and call you at all hours of the day. So once you discover that the call is a scam simply hang up the phone. If they try to contact you again keep on hanging up the phone. Eventually they will give up and leave you alone.
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