Three Rivers Credit Union Scam Alert

It appears that few institutions are safe from fraud in today's technologically advanced world. The newest scam to be discovered, as reported by the Better Business Bureau recently, is the use of autodialing systems in order to gain access to customer bank accounts for the purpose of fraud. Since the increase in the use of debit and credit cards, this has results in the loss of thousands of dollars to Three Rivers Credit Union customers as well as elsewhere.

What this new system does is auto dial random numbers then, if a person answers the phone, explains that their debit card has been deactivated. To reactivate customers are asked to press "1" on their phones. You are then asked your account number after which perpetrators can gain access to the account through some simple hacking.

Of course, on any such calls the best advice, according to the Better Business Bureau, is to just hang up, but that doesn't help those who have already been duped. Should this be the case, individuals should immediately call their lending institution and explain that an unauthorized user may have gained access to personal accounts. The bank can then freeze all transactions immediately and move any monies still available into a new account. This can be followed by following a legal claim form through the bank.

Although it's reasonable to rely on caller ID to determine who may be on the other end of the line, but in this case the number is faked which makes it much more difficult to track down the thief. In fact, crackers and hackers often use the number of innocent companies that have no idea what's going on. Therefore, to call businesses in order to complain puts them in as vulnerable position as yourself.

As a result of this and other scams which are now targeting the banking industry, the Credit Union National Association has issued a fraud alert. This warning also includes email phishing schemes which are designed to access personal information as well as check and ATM scams. Today 52 million consumers are the victims of fraud annually costing them and the banking industry billions of dollars.

Recommendations by the Better Business Bureau suggest that becoming an informed consumer is often the best course of action. Additionally, by monitoring the activity in accounts daily then reporting any unauthorized withdrawals to authorities immediately, the likelihood of losing financial assets as well as becoming the victim of identity theft can often be avoided.
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