How To Stop Unwanted Calls

Tips To Get Rid Of Unwanted Calls

There's little more irritating than constantly received unwanted calls, especially those made by pranksters and solicitors. Although connections with the world have become much easier over the past few years with the increased use of cell phones and the Internet, this has also come with a downside. Fortunately, living with unwanted calls is not necessary if you follow a few simple tips.

According to Vancouver Attorney Susan Salter in her article "Get Rid of Unwanted Solicitation in Five Minutes or Less," if a person follows three simple steps, these types of calls can be significantly reduced. In her article it was pointed out that utilizing services provided by governmental agencies is a key to ensuring that exposure to unsolicited contact is reduced.

Another important step is to identify who is calling and how they obtained personal phone numbers. With caller ID and reverse phone lookup technology, this is easier than ever. There are many websites now available through the Internet that provides these services, but it is only now becoming popular as the increase in distasteful contact continues to grow.

Prank calls, as opposed to solicitation, often come through cell phones. There are many reasons for this, primary of which is the fact that those making the calls believe it's harder to get caught. Fortunately, many reverse lookup sites today have developed the technology to provide detailed information about the individual calling including birth date, social security number, phone number, address, and much more. Once known the information can then be turned over to the phone company or the authorities, if an individual feels threatened, who can take action to stop the calls.

Another protective measure is to take precautions when entering personal information into Internet sources. Unfortunately, many computer users believe that when setting at the computer at home everything they do is secure. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Many sites now have strong security systems that protect personal data, such as banks, but many others not only lack sufficient protection, but also sell personal information to companies who use it to make unwanted calls.

They say you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. This is good advice when dealing with unwanted solicitation calls as well. With telemarketers sometimes being pleasant will have more positive results than being rude. By politely asking to be permanently removed from a list and/or writing a letter to the company generating the call, this type of contact can be significantly reduced. It's important, however, to hang up immediately once the request is made as continuing to explain or argue often generates feelings of confidence rather than discouragement.

When it seems the number of unpleasant calls outnumber contact from family and friends, screening incoming call through the use of an answering machine is another option. Explaining the rationale of allowing all calls to go to voice mail to those an individual knows will be accepted and understood by others. In the meantime, a record will exist should a complaint need to be filed with the phone company or other authorities.

There are many ways to reduce unwanted phone calls. Although it may not be possible to eliminate them completely, feeling one has control in their own home is possible. It's important to keep personal information secure as well as utilize the many resources available that are designed to help with this annoying problem.
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