Fake Debt Collectors - Taking it to a whole new level!

During my whole time as the administrator of callercenter.com I've never come across a scam like this. The magnitude and viciousness of "fake debt collector" scam is simply astonishing!

All across north america people are getting calls from scammers who pretend to be debt collectors. They verbally abuse victims and say things like "I'll come to your job and arrest you myself" or "I'll drag you out by your feet from your work". They even threaten to arrest the whole family if the fake debt is not paid.

With scams like "Fake lottery winnings" the criminals assumed a role of a benevolent lottery agent with a happy voice and a friendly demeanor.

NOT with this one!

This scam allows them to show their true evil colors and they don't even have to act.

I was exchanging emails with a poor lady from Virginia who was convinced that she was going to get arrested. The fraudsters even called the victim's sister and neighbours (god knows where they got that information).

Even after telling her that it's a scam more than 5 times she wouldn't believe me. All she could see was fear. It got to a point where I picked up the phone and called her myself. I told her to call the police and not to worry about it.

I think past a certain age people become extremely trusting and get very easily intimidated. The point of the story is that if you have an elderly relative you should call them and tell them about this scam. Let's hope that someone makes some high profile arrests in these cases and that people like Kirit Patel do some serious jail time, instead of getting away with a fine (more about this in the ABC news report).
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