Electric company phone scam

Scammers seem to have a bottomless supply of creativity. The amount of fake roles they haveassumed is astounding: pretending to be Lottery Commission agents, debt collectors and even close relatives in need of help.

Recently, the conmen decided to try something else. In the latest scam, the scammers pose as a representative of a local electric company and demand payment for an overdue electric bill. If not paid off immediately, service will be disconnected. But since the scammers have no way of processing credit cards, the victim is instructed to either purchase a prepaid card such as Green Dot Moneypak or wire money through Western Union. These methods of payment guarantee that once money is transferred, the victim will not be able to track who received it.

So far, the scam seems to be effective in places that have the most extreme weather conditions such as in southern states where the temperatures get immensely hot. The thought of losing Air Conditioning in a house in Texas must be a terrifying prospect.

For those who receive such calls, the utility companies offer a simple solution. The recipient should hang up right away. They do not need to put up with the callers. Simply take down the caller's name and alert the utility company right away. It is also important that such calls are reported to Callercenter.com in order to warn others. And although the scammers can switch numbers on a whim and call people at all hours of the day, they do not stand a stand a chance as long as everybody remains vigilant against suspicious calls.

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