College Fund Scam - Something Every College Student Needs to Know About

Going to college is an interesting time in your life. You are trying to decide what you want to do with yourself, and life on a college campus has been quite an adventure. While this is a trying time for you as a simple poor college student, the last thing you can do is afford to get scammed. There are a lot of people in this world that will take advantage of anyone, whether they are elderly or a young naive college student. Here is more information on a scam that is circulating through college campuses right now, and if you are a college student you need to be very careful.

Financial aid for a college student: as a college student, you probably do not have any money to go to school without some form of financial aid. However, if you are walking along your campus and a complete stranger wants to offer you aid, you need to get out of there. The only financial aid you can trust will come from either the federal government or the college itself and you need to remember this fact.

Do not ever give out your personal information: Beware of anyone that approaches you asking for such sensitive information like your full name or your social security number. This should be a warning sign right there because in this day and age, anyone that is asking for such vital information cannot be trusted.

Your banking information is extremely important: The number for your bank account is something you should never ever give to anyone. Anyone that has your bank account number can easily withdraw money from you and leave you in a terrible situation. You should not tell anyone about your bank, not even the name of it because you can really be setting yourself up for being scammed.

As a college student, you are considered to be an easy target by scammers. College student can be trusting because of their age, and this makes any college student an irresistible target for people who have no morals or principles. You need to really remember that if something sounds too good to be true than it probably is. You are young and just starting out as you try to get an education, but just because you are a college student should not mean you should be taken advantage of.

So remember if someone approaches you on college campus and tries to offer financial aid then you should be extremely suspicious and try perform as many background checks on them as possible before providing any personal information.

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