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We’re a web-site that lets people file complaints against telemarketers and other annoying callers.

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  1. Mariela Angelova says:

    Dear Officers,
    I would like to complain about recent calls from Manulife Secure.They disturb me at any time of the day minimum 4-5 times in a month. I tried to hide myself pretending that anyone else is on the phone like my relative.
    I would like to be included into the Canadian do-not call list in order to avoid phone intruders.

  2. Jenni says:

    Hey, These folks have no control over that. They just provide us with info. You are going to have to look up info regarding your situation. Try to google canadian do not call list theres a blog post too, but i cant write this and go find it. hth

  3. Lise lacroix says:

    Je voudrais me plaindre car j’ai des appels téléphonique sur mon cellulaire en me disant
    que j’ai gagner des choses et se sont que des mensonges,comme aujourd’hui il m’ont contacter pour me dire de faire que j’avais gagner un produit Apple et ce sont que des mensonges et ,ça fait plusieurs que je reçois. Qui vous donne mon no. de cellulaire et j’aimerais que ça finisse ses mensonges publicitaires les no. de cell.sont supposer être priver.Alors s.v.p. expliquer moi pourquoi je n’arrête pas de recevoir des textos qui sont seulement des mensonges.Je n’ai pas besoin de ça dans ma vie.Il y a assez d’arnaque comme ça. Merci en espérant que ça arrête le plus tôt possible.

  4. cindy lesley says:

    I think this is a violation of my privacy and phone. I will be contacting the MO. do not all list. This is against the law just in case these pracksters do not know it. I am going to call Best Buy too. They may have some6hing to say about someone useing their name.
    Hope you get caught and pay the price for the fraud you are are commiting!!!

  5. cindy lesley says:

    You re not too smart you left a paper trail!!

  6. Mike says:

    Just wondering how it is that you guys provide such an excellent service with no visible means of support? Are you planning on including ads at some point in time? And yeah, I understand that a wordpress site like this requires little maintenance and overhead ;)

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