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Free Credit Report | How to Weed out Scam Sites

For the majority of adults, the importance of maintaining a good credit history and score is well-understood. How to acquire that information without paying, however, can be difficult. The law states that everyone is entitled to a free annual credit … Continue reading

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How Big Companies Try To Hide The Truth

The Internet today has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Although it provides a plethora of services and products, sometimes it opens up opportunities for deceitful practices that are designed to lure viewers in. One of the greatest advantages is … Continue reading

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Getting Sued By a Big Company | What To Do?

The explosion of the many uses of the Internet has produced a variety of innovative actions which have not been popular with many individuals and companies. One of these is the right of the consumer to post their dissatisfaction regarding … Continue reading

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Canadian DoNotCall List Policy and Legislations

September 30, 2008 the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission launched the National Do Not Call List. This program is administered through Bell Canada who is responsible for listing numbers and providing them to telemarketers as well as handling any complaints … Continue reading

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How To Stop Debt Collectors From Calling | Know Your Rights!

When a person is already overwhelmed by debt, the last thing they need is a debt collector calling to collect on credit cards or other contracts. As everyone knows, if money were available, the payment would be made. For those … Continue reading

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MagicJack recorded Message, the good the bad and the ugly

Although MagicJack may seem like a great solution to costs associated with phone service, it does not come without problems of its own.  Basically, the way the system works is that the device is plugged into a computer USB port … Continue reading

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Travel Cruise Scam (fake vacation packages)

In a recent report by the Federal Trade Commission, scams involving travel have been found to be among the top ranked in complaints for the past several years.  These offers can come in many forms from entering a contest at … Continue reading

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New Office

There’s some big news at the Callercenter headquarters. And the news is that we moved into a different location. Here are some pictures of the new place: When I say “new” I actually mean Old. This is a historic building … Continue reading

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