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Car Sale Scam

Fake soldier car sale As if worrying about the Craig’s List Killer wasn’t bad enough, now we have the Craig’s List/EBay scammers. In this con ads are posted where cars are listed for sale at unreasonably low prices by supposed … Continue reading

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How To Stop Unwanted Calls

Tips To Get Rid Of Unwanted Calls There’s little more irritating than constantly received unwanted calls, especially those made by pranksters and solicitors. Although connections with the world have become much easier over the past few years with the increased … Continue reading

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Potential funding

Since the company got reduced in size I was given additional administrative responsibilities such as keeping an eye out on potential sources of funding (such as government grants, angel investors and venture capitalists). At one of the latest tech events … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Number Telemarketing Rumors | Year in Year Out

Correcting Fake Rumors Over Cell Phone Telemarketing Calls Rumors are rampant on the internet right now about the fact that cell phone numbers will be sold to telemarketers which could result in charges to cell users. This can’t be farther … Continue reading

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Report Telemarketer Abuse Make Them Pay (literally)

Facts About The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 is one of many the efforts made by governmental agencies to fight harassing phone calls from telemarketing solicitors. Also called Public Law 102-243, it … Continue reading

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Sms Scam | Banking Information Phishing

Although laws against telemarketing cell phones exist, this doesn’t stop scammers from using them to scare unsuspecting users into thinking their financial security is in jeopardy. Banks have always seemed to be the securest places for an individual’s money. However, … Continue reading

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Automated Telemarkeing Robots

Sophisticated Robot Telemarketer Are Tricking The Masses As technology continues to change, so does the need of the federal government to address harassing calls from telemarketers. The newest telemarketer to come on the market is actually a robot that has … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Tricks | Top 10 List

10 Cool Phone Tricks It seems that more and more people are opting for cell phones as opposed to land lines and the industry is responding with some really cool tricks. For many people their wireless is their lifeline to … Continue reading

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Money Mule Scam Numbers on the Rise

Online Job Posting Fraud During the last 18 months a half billion dollars have been stolen through online job posting frauds. Unfortunately, the FBI, US Postal Service, FCC, FTC, and Internet Crime Complaint Center have been at a loss as … Continue reading

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Tools as well as guidance

We decided that apart from giving people the tools in order to effectively report annoying telemarketers and prank callers that we will also become a repository of information. We’ve teamed up with a talented writer who is also a retired … Continue reading

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