How to check name and address of a caller

Please note that many calls come from spoofed numbers, which means the number you see on the Caller ID is not really where the call came from. Often people call back the number and get someone who has nothing to do with the call.

The above search will not work on unlisted and mobile numbers.

There are paid sites which claim to provide reverse lookups, but we do not recommend any of them (use them at your own risk).

Most numbers on are computer generated and cannot be traced using lookup services.

NOTE: did not place the call. We expose the annoying callers. Please use this site to report telemarketers and unknown numbers.

About Reverse Phone Lookup

Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you? May be you examined the cell phone bill of a loved one and discovered many outgoing phone calls made to one particular number. But when you try to look up the phone number in a free directory it doesn't give you any results. Most probably because it is another cell phone.

What can you do? You can go to to get the information that you need to clarify the name behind that number. You can also try to forget about it, but when it comes to infidelity it's almost impossible. You have to know if you can trust that person or not.

Mobile numbers versus land ones.

The difference between mobile numbers and landlines is that mobile numbers are not stored in free directories (this is because collection and storage is an expensive task). If you ever find a web-site that offers a non-paid way to look up cell phone numbers you should walk away because it's probably a scam or a link farm.

In order to gain access to cell phone records of individuals you should sign up with a reputable portal such as Reverse Phone Detective. This portal specializes in mobile phone tracing and has the largest database on the net. In addition to that the service is easy to use. You sign up and get access to as many searches as you want, this service is available for a very small fee.

Once you resolve to run reverse lookups with this portal you will go through a simple registration process in order to become a full member, don't worry the registration is very simple. When you become a member and get your username and password the only thing that will stand between you and the reverse phone lookup is the login screen.

How does it work?

As soon as you complete the registration process you will need to enter the full telephone number (area code included) and press "search". Searching for landlines and unpublished or unlisted numbers can also be done through the same portal.

Once you press the search button the portal goes to work. It will compare the number to the ones stored in its database (takes seconds to do) and give you the full available information, which will include the name, postal address, family members and more. It will be published on the screen so you can take note of it.

This is something unique to the site. Other portals might give you the basic information such as the name and address, but often this is not enough. can give you the background information of the person. This is very useful if you have an old number and the person has moved since it was registered to their name. With the use of people search tool you can get the most recent information. This service is available to all members of

Not convinced that you will get the desired information? Visit the portal and search through the database and if it doesn't display any information then you will get a full refund. It's risk free.

Run a Reverse Phone Lookup

Please enter a USA or Canada phone number in the box below to run a lookup. You may then find the owner's name and address, submit a complaint, and view any complaints submitted about this number.

This feature allows you to run a reverse cell phone number lookup, and unlisted phone number lookup, or any other kind of reverse phone check for USA or Canada numbers.

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