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Phone number: 985-878-5721 is located in Independence, Louisiana.

Its exchange 878 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -.
The number is currently on switch number MTRELANJDS0.
Around 64% of people reported it as "Telemarketer".
You are the 5th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 14 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Auto insurance placement , Don't know"

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they obtained a prefix and number USUALLY assigned to a landline in a small city in Louisiana.theta why i answered the call on my cell. thought it was a relative/friend/
calling them back I jumped in to them about securing a number for their call center and harvesting my cell phone number she promptyl hung up on me !

The caller was identified as auto insurance placement center
Reported 10th, Jun. 2013.

This number (fairly local) just called my cell phone with a prompt to give me better auto insurance rates. The prompt said they got the number from the DMV.

I'm very careful who gets this number AND had just been to the DMV last week, so I pressed yes, to talk to someone. She started in with her spiel, but I stopped to ask for identification.

What is the name of your company? Auto Insurance Placement Center

Where are you located? Baton Rouge

How did you get this number? *click*

Yep, hung up on me.

If I hadn't just been at the DMV, I would chalk this up to a random cold call.

The number: 985-878-5721

The caller was identified as Auto Insurance Placement Center
Reported 17th, Jun. 2013.
Dr. Mike

She called and said they are nation wide and they are interested in offering a better insurance quote. I asked them if they have a Vendor / Business ID - and they don't. As I was asking the details, she figured out that it is not good to be on the line for long, so, abruptly said that she will remove me from the list and hung up. I am in the do not caller list, will BBB take up on these cases?

The caller was identified as Sheryl
Reported 27th, Jun. 2013.

Thank you for this website. My number is listed on do not call but it does not slow down discourteous individuals hoping to rip off unsuspecting citizens.

The caller was identified as i did not answer
Reported 31st, Jul. 2013.

Called cell phone even though I'm on Do Not Call list.

The caller was identified as Not given
Reported 31st, Jul. 2013.

This number (fairly local) just called my cell phone with a prompt to give me better auto insurance rates. The prompt said they got the number from the DMV. I have never given my cell # to DMV, have not renewed license recently, etc. On DoNotCall list since it started. Hung up.

The caller was identified as LA, USA is what is on caller ID
Reported 7th, Aug. 2013.

Just received a call from 985-878-5721 on my cell phone. Answered the call, but I did not say anything. After three seconds, the caller hung up without saying anything either.

Reported 13th, Aug. 2013.
FCC Useless

Just recieved a call from this number stating they have recieved my information from the DMV and are calling to save me money on Auto Insurance. I called the number back a ripped into them, but they seemed to not care. Why does the FCC have the program if they cannot and/or will not enforce it?

Reported 13th, Aug. 2013.

called my cell phone from a local # (985) 878-5721. Was a recorded message about saving money on insurance. Person came on line, I asked her name and the name of the company. Keri says she's with Incurance Placement center in Louisiana and they were also a national company. when I informed them I was on the national do not call registry they promptly hung up.

The caller was identified as Keri
Reported 14th, Aug. 2013.

I don't own a vehicle, so no I don't need insurance. They left no message.I don't answer unless I know you, sorry! Just as bad as the I.R.S. or State ,they don't leave messages either. You want me come find me but beware, I have the right to protect myself....PEACE

The caller was identified as ?
Reported 15th, Aug. 2013.

Got this call yesterday. When I answered and recording stated that it was a public service announcement and then started saying I was paying too much for auto insurance. I hung up. Then out of curiosity I called back and got a recording telling me to press 1 for quote...etc. and press 3 if I wanted to be removed from the list. I pressed 3 and the recording stated it was an invalid option and hung up.

The caller was identified as Don't know
Reported 7th, Sep. 2013.

This call comes to me constantly and i.d. says State Of LOuisiana, I never answer because I do not know this phone, been happening all year. So I came to google and sure enough here we are. They MUST find a way to stop these calls, its like the time share in Fla. I have owned for 3 years, NOT!!!!, Bryan has been calling me for years ev en though HE IS the one who put me on the don"t call list. One day I am just going to sell it to him and let him call his family to rent it!!

Reported 9th, Sep. 2013.

May be a company in Louisiana, but companies can get local numbers even if they are out of state. It still rolls through their 800 # so they will get your caller id if you call back from another line. They could have local numbers for all the places they solicit to get more people to answer thinking it may be someone local who they know.

The caller was identified as ?
Reported 13th, Sep. 2013.
Upset American

This is bull! Im on the do not call list and they call my cell! They hung up on me 3 times when I asked questions

The caller was identified as Auto insurance placement
Reported 19th, Sep. 2013.
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