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(971) 208-**** Phone Numbers

Cell Phones
Near Salem, OR
Issued by Cricket Communications, Inc.

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 2008.

While 9712089936 was originally issued by the company above in the location mentioned, the owner of the phone number (971) 208-9936 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 41% of people reported it as "Unknown". You are the 665th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 378 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "+218917719744, Canadian Pharmacy".

User Complaints for 971-208-9936

Caller name: Unknown

Just calls and hangs up everyday

- Anonymous

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[Reply] September 22, 2012

I received a voice mail on my cell phone from this number two days ago. It was a male voice, automated recording telling me my Mastercard had been cancelled for security reasons and asked me to press 1 to speak to a representative. The message was obviously a scam. I blocked the number on my cell phone and warned an elderly relative to be aware of this type of call in the event they try to contact her. I also reported it to DNC. My number is on the Do Not Call list but that doesn't prevent these idiots from calling.

- Fed up in Ohio

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[Reply] September 28, 2012

Caller name: Tele Marketer

they call twice a day - we're on the no call list and have filed complaints with the FTC and nothing seems to being done with these jack-oos

- James
New Jersey

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[Reply] October 7, 2012

Call comes in every dayt to y cell. I do not answer and will now block that number.

- Magus Grad

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[Reply] September 24, 2012

Caller name: ?

Fax tone then hang up

- Optional. Will be shmike jown

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[Reply] October 2, 2012

No message, just silence.

- Linda

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[Reply] October 11, 2012

Caller name: unk

calls & hangs up...cannot return call to this # because call does not go through.i

- Joey's MomMom

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[Reply] September 25, 2012

Stated that I ordered some Medication on line in n 2008. Had a call about. 6 months ago. Wanted me to send them $600-800 and they would not Arrest me. I contacted the Detroit Office of the FBI. They said itwas a scam. This is not the way the Justice System.

- Anonymous
United States

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[Reply] June 27, 2013

Calls leaves voice message. Cannot return call by landline.

United States

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[Reply] April 23, 2013

Caller name: N/A

I get 10 calls a day from this number and no message and when I call back it says some error code.

- marcelle

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[Reply] April 24, 2013

SO sick of these people calling several times a day! Is there anything that can be done to put a stop to it?

- Anonymous

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[Reply] October 1, 2012

Caller name: Don't know heraserers

They call at 6:50am and hang up and late at night and hang up they need to be reported

- Frank Loretta

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[Reply] October 4, 2012

I've got a lady calling asking for my husband...who passed away. She hung up after that.

- Anonymous
United States

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[Reply] May 9, 2013

Receiving multiple calls about every half hour. Haven't tried to call back, when answering there is no response from the callers end.

- NK

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[Reply] March 22, 2014

Caller name: Asia Pacific

Different day different scam.

No hope whatsoever that the ruling elite in Washington give a rats behind.

Until telemarketers start bleeding in the street this will never stop.

IMO, the telephone companies are all responsible for this. They have to know someone with ultra high usage might very well be a scammer.

Again, blood in the streets is the only solution.

- mike
New York

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[Reply] August 7, 2013

Caller name: unk

Same call as all the above.
maybe complain to State Attorney General for Oregon, if you have time. Let us know.

- You can't stop them & msg here won't help

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[Reply] April 23, 2014

This number is calling my cell phone.
This lady said she has a company that allows free calls to and from the Phillippines. I said I don't make any long distance calls so she asked me if we had any family over seas?! I said no and she hung up.
The very next day a man called and asked what my name was.
I hung up.
I have been getting these calls for the last 3 months.
I also get the same number calling my home.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] May 21, 2013

Caller name: Jorge Fernando

His name is Jorge Fernando. It's a land line in Oregon. He called me on my business phone twice so far this month.

- Heidi

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[Reply] May 23, 2013

Caller name: Salem, OR

I knew I had seen this phone number before on my caller ID, but after going through Hurricane Sandy and getting calls from Insurance co's all over the US, I picked it up. Noisy background at first, people talking and laughing, then only heard the girl on the other end with a thick asian(?) accent. She knew we were National Grid customers and knew my home address, my name and husbands name. Told me we were entitled to a 10% discount on our bills, asked me to retrieve a bill so we could verify some information. I was very skeptical and had a bad feeling about proceeding so I told her to call back around 7 so I could find the bill. I googled the number and was glad I did. When they called back at 6, I told her I was not interested and that I researched her agency and how I was disgusted with how her agency works. Asked to be taken off the list. She said "I will call you later"...and she did about an hour later, but now the call came up as Anonymous. I will call National Grid tomorrow to make them aware this company is using their names and harassing their customers. Maybe they can do something as a big conglomerate.

- Wantagh NY
New York

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[Reply] November 20, 2012

no message just hangs up called twice in a row.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] June 13, 2013

have asked 3 times for this white pages telemarketing company to remove us from their list. am contacting better business bureau if it continues.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] January 22, 2014

Caller name: ASIAN PACIFIC

RE caller ID 971 208 9936- business line fudging true number -- NOT oregon - thats a ruse

Use #60 CALL BLOCK last call with your own carriers directions, then JOT DOWN REAL NUMBER - checks out to Asian Pacific Health Care providers

Most likely burglary/get out of house ruse/are you home, ruse. *****]

One OTHER site whocallsme.com INTERPOLATOR just tied in the below detective facts of 2 choices of who it is -- ITS BOTH: go there and read it -- he used same method as me BLOCKER to get true number:

I Just read some of the comments and see connections with the other "ploys" and "caller ID" stuff, ; below, is what Ive put on several sites for this number:
Asian lady - yes
got other calls same time period, ridiculous, "we want to offer you a free foundation repair gift" - wants to come to home and/or address;
"youve misdialed a financial institution:" (calling my benefits card number) -spanish woman heavy accent, (I dialed the 800 prefix wrong, 877 etc) -- phone manipulation by one party? I like the FBI comments (see other site), see how it ties in (OMG) with my own situation, and guess which "law" Im referring to, too) -- we want to give you as a consolation, before giving you the RIGHT changed number, (over 100 in gifts + a 25 dinner cert yada yada) -- just need your CARD NUMBER for 4.95 postage (sorry a***e, dont have one).
"FLORIDA with number", caller ID (fudged)
PAYDAY loans says another caller, bingo match again.
calls asking several one week, then never again, for someone elses name;
NOTHING AT ALL, on caller id;
I TOO used call blocker to gain the true number, reverse search CA, ASIAN PACIFIC, tho tonight using SHOWING number, on caller ID, various OR etc, appears to be fudged info.

SOMEONE wants to know if youre out, is my guess, possible robbery;

now for the cut and paste, and THANK you log-maker, for your valuable info:
I have some SOLID leads on who/what this is. 2 choices:
1) EXACT TIMING THIS NUMBER:::HOURS AFTER THIS: filing gross ($M) HIPAA violations to hospital for sending 2 (2!), twice, strangers med. records to me, then malpractice for giving deadly allergy drug to my fiance FOUR times, each one got a phonecall, later written fax, IGNORED, one MORE drug not for his condition, and then BOOTED from a clinic there despite heart diagnosis, SAME DAY speaking to clinic head, informing HIPAA is coming your way, asked improperly "is the (MR"S) in your possession" IE HOUSE, like wants to break in to avoid several million in fines. This is most likely because of the timing, talk afternoon this day, 9pm:
ASIAN PACIFIC 971 208 9936 - heavy oriental accent woman: fiance answered, couldnt understand her, hung up. CALLED US BACK! I got on phone "hello, we would like to give you 2 free tickets or 2 cruise tickets absolutely free, you live in x*x city, right?" [very important clue see below]: couldnt understand NAME of supposed Travel Agency grand opening (ploy), asked 3x, then she forwarded call without telling me, asian man answers: asked ALL about this offer, did the hardsell, listen, if youre not interested Im going to cut the call short" - at that point hung up on HIM instead. Followed up with NAME of agency, Edmond OK: (right near OU) - asked receptionist - grand open? Nope, 3 months open at least; who is owner? Didnt want to say, put thru to mgr instead: SAME asian voice man's I had spoken to on phone; asked HOW did you know last name on phone number, and location please? "well, if youve used SW Air (NOT), Carnival Cruise (NOT), gone to Travel Shows (NOT), or certain credit card purchases (DONT HAVE A CC) -- none matched. Admitted YES they use a firm in CA for soliciting, must be overzealous worker.

Day of first call, reverse search came up with california; today, searching name, Ive got CA, but HEALTH CARE providers asian pacific; someone here says OR landline, thats next state over from where I was harassed below --

During this week, from then on, in negotiations with OU hospital clinic manager, got 2 more calls begging us to take this trip (get out of our house). Declined. LAST day of OU negotiations, OU decided as usual, legal phobia MUCH more important than patient welfare -- (our requests were: REDO prescription needed for one condition, to something that GOES with his breathing condition -- need shown when wrote allergic drug one -- NOPE...REDO his cardiac with heart confirmed serious thing, as you cancelled it after your OWN clinic error was asked to be fixed --instead of reschedule, booted him from clinic...NOPE, had a hard time arguing that one, so had the intern call to slap me in face verbally, by playing stupid WHO?? What intern diagnosed heart condition??? Here??? unbelievable...."My opinion, is his heart trouble is in his lungs " (for a CLOT, you gotta be kidding, not in the lungs!!) --3) there are no drugs for his breathing that he can take. (UNTRUE) THAT evening, all over 7 days now, got FOURTH call Asia Pacific - told intern "want to make sure youre happy" and I said, I think we're both done talking (intelligence insult) -- then warily "Want to make sure we're both on same page" *ohyeah....(youre lying and Im done said it all twice is too much, to myself) -- then told manager message: Gave you a shot to do right, guess what, I hadnt mailed it yet, but now off it goes to HIPPA -- called back next day all flustered (hi got you into the clinic) 1 of 3 necessities and hung up on her, she mistook us for fools or idiots (usual clientele of clinic) --

NOW: found out that my health insurance (state) just at this time, erroneously transferred my case to Edmond -- where I DO NOT live -- OU has medicaid computer access (conflict of interest gross!) in that they handle the "pharmacy help desk" of medicaid, INSIDE OU!!! (guess they didnt want to pay their own MD Pharmacist) -- caught them once before, asking on phone for complaint form (to make complaint against CAID, not OU) - snooping - got call hours after requesting form, thinking i was calling CAID at CAID number, no no -- OU doc called "hi my boss says your filing a complaint against us" - me baffled -- letter came, ;(form) from OU put 2 and 2 together --

them all DEFENSE flustered at the fine upcoming, and a suit for BLATANT errors (their own forms state his allergy, given ANYWAY deadly allergy this one!!! on the very SAME PAGE --- need need need to know WHERE we live - they are a bunch of rats dishonest as h**l at that hospital.

Backing occurence to make this most likely perp:
SECOND call, also health related company, claiming bogus nonsense to me, crux: did you move???
Ditched them almost 3 months ago, not a bill situation, never have had any mail from them (billing was pretense, bogus) -- "hi, we sent you a letter and it came back, did you move?" "whats my address, you read it to me:::" (all correct) - thats weird, we'll send it again
Its been 6 weeks and one followup call to them, zero letter, zero reason to send letter Key question: DID YOU MOVE??? ;(OU sharing/peeping at my CAID info at their disposal, is yet ANOTHER hipaa violation! Dont go there any more. )

2nd possibility: not likely -- top gov guy teaching kind of law enforcement, moves nextdoor to me 9 years ago another state, broke in, raped, threatened kids, never reported, he is bro in law of mobster, I am 911 witness who id'd one of the 21 hijackers as met in NYC at SCENE OF CRIME WTC, mid 80s name x*x country NOT ARABIAN but close! visiting ABSCAM fame Murphy (ex congressman/prison/racketeering) SON in NYC who introduced me with his name/origin country. That man Cong. M, is goon family member, same goon family this TEACHER among other things, is married to via wife Sheleena. Didnt want to personally leave trail snooping on any possible MOVE, so had it done the dirty way. Stalked me appx 7 years next door on/off with his thugs (alot of teens too, mob style, cant arrest) -- but CANT make report as in terms of who he is, "the highest pole he may swing from, he is the owner of". Get it? Would be only more crucifixion for me, and no safe "quiet way" to approach his BUREAU as he HEADS it basically. I personally lost a cousin firefighter on 9/11 and it's too much to have had my witnessing ignored. Told story ONCE MORE before moving another state away, to local cop, who believed me - 2 weeks later, massive cop shootout in diner local to me, scared my pants off, this is all goon stuff related to the man in first sentence. Mobsters name in particular who has bothered me PRE 9/11 but POST meeting hijacker, rhymes with BANANA and its not theoretic, his grandpappy wrote a bragging DON book bio of himself.

Either way, this is most likely medical oriented -- but could be both as dirty dogs join similar clubs -- just got a car back "worked on new engine install" with ungrounded wire adjacent to gas spilling from "rebuilt carb" way too loose, 20+ hoses all left dangling (exhaust), a good muffler given, a 1.5" hole burnt into it with torch not admitted till we saw it (respiratory danger alt. excuse for hospital), and a mechanic with army cop buddies prodding me "mee too" style for 9/11 info, my feeling on the country the guy was from, claiming he's an ex army sniper (bull, researched him), in state of fraud because I found his true identity on net accidentally different first name, and he's got the company listed to his FAKE name, illegal, WITH fed contracts!! How legit is that? Defrauded me of almost 3G for a car in his care 10/15 to 11/21 that has run a total of 20 minutes (just to get home, also loose distributor, loosened tranny pan (now needs service because of,) missing flywheel cover (paperbag intaken = failed motor), antifreeze leak, YOU NAME IT, he did it, and made CHOKE light go on in dash, electrical origin - left s***w sticking upright in dash housing showing it was removed, denies removing. Very professional guy. Refused warantee I purchased, refused to tow car back 2nd time auto-fail, reworded engine warantee on estimate THREE years, to 1 year verbal, just found out NOT engine I paid for, worth 500, charge 1400 to me "as part", ripped off sticker w/ engine serial so I cant check, plus provider purchase receipt - both required on warantee card == wont hand over, presumably all done to avoid legal prosecution for the fraud -- his DAD is a LAWYER local touting OU product on YOUTUBE!!! Mechanic, (son?), almost recited my whole MR to me, for kids, fiance, and all! (me too game)
There we go.
Got a lawsuit??? Change your number and watch who medical has it in future.

BTW -- an oriental woman who cant be understood, is more likely to change the NUMBER (now disconnected? nah) than the WORDS -- any BUSINESS phone line can ALTER its caller-ID showing info, either NAME or NUMBER. I vote number altered-- be aware of that when you check --Looks like theyre lazy tho, as many other people describing similar from this caller -- First reverse check of this number in question, showed CA area code; phonebook list as well for area code; NOW, its showing different; however, ASIAN P ACIFIC healthcare new search tonight, is indeed in CA, HEALTH CARE PROVIDER (bingo)-- asian "travel agency" (located a stones throw from OU, would take an hours drive and back to be "out of house".... man claimed company CA solicits for him, same voice noted, and third clincher is the OU related lawyer with fraudulent son creating defense miracles in burning hole in muffler, explosion hazard, etc, with CHOKE light turned on never before was~ GOD exists, that car wouldnt run and if it had, we could be dead. Thorough recitation practically "mee too" fashion of 3 family members med. records present in that hospital WE DO NOT GO TO ANYMORE -- by this mechanic with lawyer daddy - he's seedy, his cousin is in prison with murder charges for blowing up a meth trailer, told me he's thinking of hiring him when he gets out, and was using that cousins first name as his fake "army persona" -- he in reality is 2 mos. away from being a BIBLE PHD (omg, lightning strike such a liar, claimed "I dont believe in Jesus or God" and seemed pretty sincere, covered in TATTOS from the collar line down.)

The hang pole administrator's initials are RJB phd and it was BREMERTON WA where he moved nextdoor and stalked me 2003-2010

- Anonymous

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[Reply] December 5, 2012

Caller name: ASIAN PACIFIC (healthcare ca) -Break-IN oriented

Get this ---
half century NEVER EVER even a parking ticket;
Bank lady said my name has ALERTS on it, for multiple married names (?) -- they do that to terrorist reportees, too...

DID RJB panic when the fraud evidence I needed was indeed there, his house deed for Belfair Valley Rd Bremerton WA where he moved in on my heels and stalked/raped/threatened brute force 2003-2009-- me 9/11 witness against his goon wived family, him TAX PAID for this shenanigan under "citizen hits" corp? I'll speak the truth as I please - 1997 documented CO poisoning of family -- 2005 DOCUMENTED 4 metals poisoning, source MUGS he gave during gift ruse "please watch our house while away", NON FOOD SAFE --

house deed proof, under PERMITS tab - misspelled middle initial J as false A (oops, the dictaphone did it) -- then, was using fake house number for all mail, WHILST rifling thru my box waiting for mail truck each day - witnessed; LAST, state dept of war sent him info for his "I think its a citizen hit company, how dare they" company 4th notice certified, going back now-- 30 blank numbers rural between me and him nextdoor, to choose from--- fraud; after catching him on webcam IN MY HOME, hours later, the rape event occurred, and he stole it.

Cousin is NYPD chief tiernan - his other brother, the 9/11 victim FIREFIGHTER HERO --

how DARE RJB call the kettle black, and do that to me --
every weapon-attack I have been thru, is 90% written in his WAR book on how to HURT people to death, legally, and not lethally. ****
Including bedsprings vibrating/bouncing waking me (from below, low sound waves causing organ injury, which I have without explanation many years now, 2 homes) -- 4x metals poisoning, after he "gave" me gift ruse coffee mug set NON FOOD SAFE; CO poisoning, 45 is death, ER said I was 40/45 very close.....another sis in law to family, working as ER's nurse - -- law man in question, served as director HUMANA healthcare (caid/care) and NAT'L ER STAFFING CORP as director previously;

Echos on phone currently, and many residences past, JUST MY SIDE of conversation; calls that wont go thru on landline, no wireless or cordless whatsoever, 2 rings, silence...cant call own family -- (till someone ready on line, apparently) -- they hear call, silence no one there -- during his nextdoor tenure, bidding ebay at xmas alerted me that my atomic clock synch of just now, was 5 minutes LATER according to ebay (computer dialup tunnelling thru his next door) -- visit random MAC site (he owns mac), welcomes us as ARVEQN, never been there before (WHOOPS RJB), ; cell calls couldnt get cop, till final one see shooting -- THAT one I got bright and drove to a payphone for calling cop) -- all cops during 7 years, miscellaneous vandalism etc (RJB) -- got 5-8 hour responses, always after dark, SHERIFF color cars with CITY COLOR dk blue uniforms, with PLAIN OLD SNEAKERS on feet, shining flashlights blinding me in dark on purpose, then such witticisms of real cops as "well, Im gonna go now", etc -- yah right, he broke in and cloned my cell - repeater (real) in direct view of window, disabled, never left house - yet late night, NO SERVICE, took 15-20 tries to get ANY numbers....(time to get on line) -- all previously used numbers (frequents) MESSAGE MACHINES RECORDINGS, no humans, to no avail; people calling me, 6 mos ZERO CALLS, ultimately found out from carrier, someone programmed CALL FWDG onto my line unbeknownst to me; 6 "blackouts" in a month - psyched em out - to defeat webcam surveillance -- last one only a blink on/off, not a blackout - same man answering as my power company, same name, same voice all calls, same speech carpole accident/6 hr fix-- me: hi, whats with the blackout -- "predictable speech" -- oh but there was none, it was just a flicker this afternoon -- company in other county explained pull on lines, = fuse makes power go out - this man RJB had a fake county ROAD CLOSED sign in his garage (saw it 'babysitting house") - and was closing off the adjacent wetlands wooded road no houses for miles, to do his dirtywork ---
ONLY a brandy new, never called number would go thru.

CREEP, I hope you fall into your own web now.

911 was done by the party who benefits from the free war. I'll say no more, as they are animals and could hurt any person who has a clue as to the truth. Theyre americans mainly, and guilty of mass Treason.

- Girlscout

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[Reply] December 5, 2012

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