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Phone number: 954-414-3975 is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Its exchange 414 is managed by PAC-WEST TELECOMM, INC. - FL.
The number is currently on switch number MIAMFLGRDSZ.
Around 28% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 4th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 14 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Sarah Jordan, Scott Sader "

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Thalia H.

Received a call from this number in our office. The lady on the phone was very impatient and bossy she insisted being transferred to the person responsible for "inventory" when I asked to be more specific I thought she was gonna go ballistic on me. I just put her on hold and held her there until she hang up. I guess some people really hate their jobs.

Reported 29th, Feb. 2012. | Complain this number

Woman on the phone was yelling, asking for someone in parts and service. Not sure what the deal was.
I called the number back, but there was an immediate disconnect.

Reported 5th, Mar. 2012. | Complain this number

I received a phone call from this same number. Quite frankly they must be so miserable with their own life, they don't know how to speak to other human beings. The funny thing is, my boss will NOT answer his phone unless he knows the number. So with that being said, they won't be getting through. Love it! Keep the calls coming - I'm fine with that! It gives me a little chuckle for the day. They will just continue to hear my voice on the other line. I also think that it is pretty pathetic, because if they really did know my boss, they would know my boss doesn't associate with idiots like that. All I can say, I'm sure they are not getting to many business opportunities with that type of phone etiquette.

The caller was identified as Eddie Johnson
Reported 9th, May. 2012. | Complain this number

women was loud and unusually excited. got my number and name through calling my work. google address for number could be a prison.

The caller was identified as amanda anderson
Reported 17th, May. 2012. | Complain this number

Raspy sounding woman called and said "wanted to know when I was taking her to the beach to have Margarita's?" When I asked her who she was and what she wanted she would not give me answer directly. She then said "well, you're the guy who said he likes 5'-10" blondes...right?" I said "I don't know what you're talking about" and started to go. She said "all I am trying to do is to get you to open up and have some personality as it sounds like I'm talking to the wall or something." Then I hung up the phone on her...

Reported 21st, May. 2012. | Complain this number

A male caller, did not identify himself or his company, in a near shouting tone, asked the name of our "service manager." When I told him we currently had no service manager he then stated our owner's name and asked what was his title. I said he is the owner of our company. Then shouting at me, asked who was our operations manager, I answered our owner was also the operations manager. Getting louder with each word, he told me I was stupid and that no company ower was a hands on manager. I told him he didn't know what he was talking about and he informed me that he knew everything there was to know, and much more than I would ever know, about our company. I asked him to please tell me all about it. No response, just dead air. He obviously had no idea he was speaking with the owner's wife - also a hands on manager. If these folks are trying to sell something - do you think they could possibly be using the wrong approach? I will never buy anything from a company using tactics like this.

Reported 25th, Jun. 2012. | Complain this number

EXTREMELY RUDE & DEMANDING!!!!!! Don't know who these people think they are but they need lessons on phone etiquette and manors!!!!! I wouldn't buy anything from this company even if they were the only company selling the item that I wanted.


The caller was identified as Vinnie Bianco
Reported 27th, Jun. 2012. | Complain this number

Man yelling in the phone (so much so that I had to hold the phone away from my ear). He wanted the plant mgr. I told him we have none as this was the Executive office. He wanted the phone number of our Mfg. facility. I gave it to him. He asked again, who the plant mgr was there. I told him to ask the person who answers the phone. He said, "Oh, you have a smart mouth", and then hung up.

The caller was identified as ??
Reported 10th, Jul. 2012. | Complain this number
Codi N

Very rude, demanded to be put in to our plant manager. When I asked which plant he said it was a material we don't even manufacter. When I said "who is this" he hung up. Morons. Get a real job you idiots.

The caller was identified as none given
Reported 13th, Sep. 2012. | Complain this number

Called and asked for plant manager. Connected to plant manager and stated he just had a heart attack but was doing better. He was asked what company he was with, and he hung up.

The caller was identified as Ed Johnson
Reported 10th, Oct. 2012. | Complain this number

This man called and told and tried to sound like he knew me and told me that he had a heart attack and that the was going to send me a swiss army knife and then asked my details so I hung up on him.

The caller was identified as Robert Sanders
Reported 3rd, Dec. 2012. | Complain this number

Woman who sounds like trailer trash AND sounds drunk; slurring speech and mumbling. Very rude and pushy. Gets made and then hands up.

Reported 5th, Dec. 2012. | Complain this number

this number has been calling me and since it was an unknown number and from the States i had not answered untill today. a Scott said hello Eugene but when i said who are you with he said have a good day and hung up. I searched that number on Google.

The caller was identified as Scott Sader
Reported 4th, Jan. 2013. | Complain this number

Called insisting to talk to the fleet manager. when I said it was me she asked for the director by his first name and insisted she needed to talk to him. Got aggravated when I kept asking questions. Said she was a citizen and didn't need to tell me why she wanted to talk to him. When I aksed more questions she states that shes didn't have to put up with this and hung up.

The caller was identified as Sarah Jordan
Reported 4th, Feb. 2013. | Complain this number
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