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Phone number: 949-286-3973 is located in Irvine, California.

Its exchange 286 is managed by PACIFIC BELL - CA.
The number is currently on switch number IRVNCA01DS0.
Around 33% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 185th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 117 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "949 286 3983, Verizon Wireless"

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cathy piunno

when my place of business put a block on the previous number of 617-531-0483 these people used the 949 number. they truly were so rude and vulgar even to the police I will pursue them until they are found and dealt with. they think they are above the American legal system and I plan on showing them differently.they were so arrogant not caring that the police were on the line and that they were being recorded I will find them and have our legal system handle this do not let this keep happening to other people we have to stand up for us.

The caller was identified as roy lasher
Reported 28th, Apr. 2012.

Automated customer satisfaction survey. Took about 2 minutes.

The caller was identified as Verizon Wireless
Reported 8th, May. 2012.

this number was called to my celll I did not know this number so I did not pic up. NO voice message was left. I googled the number and came back with a location in calif. DO NOT TRUST ANY NUMBER YOU DON.T KNOW if its a legit number they will leave a voice message.

The caller was identified as no name
Reported 9th, May. 2012.

This number called me today. I was away from my phone. No voicemail.

Reported 14th, May. 2012.

Got a new iphone today....have received two calls from unknown parties so far. I only have given my cell phone number to people I know, and over the last ten years with other phones have never received any unknown calls (I always figured out who was calling, usually via voicemail, often just a friend calling from a different phone).

One of the two calls was this one. I'm starting to have some second thoughts about my new phone...

Reported 22nd, May. 2012.

It was a follow up call from Verizon asking me to take a survey re a recent call I made to them. It was a robocall.

Reported 25th, May. 2012.

Called my cell and hung up. When I called back my phone reset.

The caller was identified as None given
Reported 15th, Jun. 2012.

received a call from this number. did not answer the call. no vm

Reported 20th, Jun. 2012.

keep ca;;ing an hanging up

The caller was identified as baynham
Reported 3rd, Jul. 2012.

I received a call from this number. Did not answer the call. No VM left.

Reported 3rd, Jul. 2012.

called cell phone without leaving message

Reported 8th, Jul. 2012.

did not answer
did not knpw who it was!

Reported 9th, Jul. 2012.
no complaint

I blocked my number by dialing *67 wait for the beeps and dialed the number 1-949-286-3973 and was connected to a recording for a survey.

The caller was identified as verizon wireless
Reported 10th, Jul. 2012.

sick of this number calling me!!!!!!!!!!

The caller was identified as Not sure
Reported 10th, Jul. 2012.

Cheap shot from Verizon,think i'll change to another carrier,

Reported 12th, Jul. 2012.

Called, was on phone, did not answer. Have had serveral calls from this number. They want me to answer a survey, then I will be allowed a trip to some place.

I hang up.

I do wish they would stop calling.

Reported 20th, Jul. 2012.

They called me; I did not answer; they did not leave a voicemail. I don't know how they got my cell phone number, but I'm not happy about it.

Reported 30th, Jul. 2012.

Come on people, you want them to quit calling? take the 2 minute satisfaction survey...

Reported 9th, Aug. 2012.
Verizon Customer

This caller is Verizon themselves. They want you to take part in a survey after you've dealt with a Customer Service rep. Instead of annoying us with unwanted calls, why don't the CSRs ask if we want to take place in a survey after the call is finished? We can then say YES and hang up the phone before they connect :)

The caller was identified as Verizon CSR
Reported 11th, Aug. 2012.

Uh...it is Verizon. I called them and had a plesant experience with their customer service(rare huh?). They called me after that call to better their service. If all you can do is complain about vz's CS, maybe you do need to take the survey and tell them whats wrong! They cant read minds, and have to be told there is a problem before they can fix it.

The caller was identified as Verizon
Reported 13th, Aug. 2012.

Continuous calls, no voice mails left. I finally had to block the number.

Reported 20th, Aug. 2012.

This number calls my cell continuously. I do not know this number so I do not answer. NO voice mail was left. I googled the number and came back with a location in calif. I DO NOT TRUST ANY NUMBER THAT WILL NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE.

Read more at http://www.callercenter.com/949-286-3973.html#jcip9DSywHwokC9U.99

Reported 20th, Aug. 2012.

2 minute survey for last service call you made.

The caller was identified as Verizon
Reported 20th, Aug. 2012.
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