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Phone number: 936-333-5642 is located in Conroe, Texas.

Its exchange 333 is managed by LEAP WIRELESS INTL, INC. DBA C.
The number is currently on switch number CONRTXXA5MD.
Around 32% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 28th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 58 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Cashnet USA, Cant understand them"

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936-333-5642 has called repeatedly and is the same entity that has been harassing me for over a year now and I’ve contacted the FCC, FTC and Verizon to no avail. I block the numbers but they keep cycling numbers. They call cellphones which is prohibited under Federal Law (cellphones Do Not need to be on the Do Not Call list). They are scamming and extortion calls and TXT by unsolicitedly peddling anything from PayDay Loans, Pharmaceuticals (Viagra) to fraudulent claims their calling for Microsoft demanding remote access to your computer which they implant malware then attempt to extort you for removal of it.

Below are some posts in validation of these finding and the Numbers Used;

REPORT ALL SUCH CALL HERE: www.fcc.gov/complaints

Here are the numbers in just over a month in dealing with them (newest to older):
Do You See a Pattern Here!
7862285349 (CLLI = MIAMFLDIDS1, Broadwing Communications, Miami);
4016487436 (CLLI = BDFRMAAWDS0, RNK, Inc);
8772310279 (no C/O, maybe spoofed);
9348587239 (no C/O, maybe spoofed) this refers to Reliance Mobile CDMA Location: Andhra Pradesh, India;
9363335642 (CLLI = CONRTXXA5MD, Leap wireless Intl, Inc. DBA Cricket Comm, Inc);
7863543959 (C/O = MIAMI-DADE, Omnipoint Miami e-License, LLC;
8608491284 (CLLI = BLFDCTAPCM0, Omnipoint Communications, INC. – CT;
6038697082 (CLLI = BHLHNHCRRS1, NO New England Tel OP DBA Fairpoint Comm – NH;
4964083389 (no C/O, maybe spoofed);
6465699110 (CLLI = NWYRCYZN01, Cablevision Lightpath, Inc. – NY;
2012852041 (CLLI = NWRKNJ0205Z, CTC Communications CORP., DBA CT COMM CORP – NJ;

The caller was identified as SEE DETAILS - SCAM
Reported 25th, Feb. 2013.

i have rec a call from this number claiming to be payday loans of america telling me that i was approved for a loan for 5000. he stated that based on my credit score i would need to put 275.00 on a money dot card and call him back with the 4 digit code and in two hours i would have my loan into my account, i found the number for payday loan of america and spoke to a woman that stated that they are frauding alot of people and not to do this at. all after about 10 min the same name named james watson with a very thick indian accent called me back asking me when i would be calling him to give him the code number and to warn me that there are alot of scams and not to send anymoney wester union.

The caller was identified as james watson
Reported 18th, Apr. 2013.

i recieved a call from a different # and was told to call david miller at the # above. it was about a loan for up to 10,000 dol. i just got ripped off by another company and these people wanted the same thing my money. i called back on sunday and told him to call me because the original # doesnt exist anymore

The caller was identified as david miller
Reported 8th, Jul. 2013.
lisa smith

dont give any money to this con artist he asks for 120.00 and says its gonna be toward your first payment on a loan for 1,000 and said you can get up to 10,000 !
He asks you to go get a green dot card just to see if money is on card than takes it DONT TRUST HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The caller was identified as david miller
Reported 23rd, Jul. 2013.

This guy said I was approved for a loan up to 10,000.00 I got scam by one an lost 180.00 an almost 500.00 to the same loan place.I want them to stop bothering me with the lies

The caller was identified as mike
Reported 25th, Jul. 2013.

A guy name David Miller told my wife she was approved for a $10k loan but she needs to get a Green Dot card and deposit $360 to show in good faith she could afford the monthly payment of a $10k loan. I went to Google to verify rather this was a scam so I appreciate all the people who took out time to list these comments so I wouldn't get scammed. I hope these b******s burn in h**l one day for what they are doing to good hard working people.

The caller was identified as David Miller
Reported 30th, Jul. 2013.

I receive calls every hour throughout the week! Obviously the do not call list does not pertain to these jerks. Seems like the government could do something about these calls.

The caller was identified as Conroe, TX
Reported 16th, Sep. 2013.

This number has called my phone 15 times in one day.
They have asked for every name ANY one in my household has ever had, even my 9 year child!

When I ask what they want they go into jibberish that I am not able to understand at all. Each time I say remove my number and to stop calling but it does no good.

Reported 16th, Sep. 2013.

This number keeps calling me say dirty stuff to me. That's sexual harassment what these people are doing. Im so upset at this I trief calling back but says voicemail is full. Help.

Reported 16th, Sep. 2013.

I have been harassed by these people for a week. I have blocked every number they have called from and like it has been said, they cycle the number. What do we do?

The caller was identified as Loans
Reported 18th, Sep. 2013.

The number keeps calling and hanging up after a few seconds of silence. I've just started ignoring the call but it would be nice if I didn't have to deal with it in the middle of the night and in class.

Reported 18th, Sep. 2013.
Over it

A person sounding like a male has been calling my # for over 2 years. He stopped after a year. He is back. He is asking for someone that my# does not belong to. This "India" sounding male is a lunatic. I said to him; "I'm sorry but you have the wrong #." He then mocked me! I said why do you keep calling when you have the wrong #? He never says why or where he is calling from. He is vulgar & totally crazy. I am sure someone pays this "Outsource Company" and they probably have no idea that these psychos don't even do what it is they are suppose top be doing. if I ever find out they will have a fat lawsuit. Any lawyers out there interested in tackling this one? I called the # and it said it was Magic Jack. Oh brother. Do not talk to this person & do not give them any info.

The caller was identified as Gave no name
Reported 18th, Sep. 2013.

Keeps calling over and over I have had calls from Pennysylvaina, Texas< Nevada, North Carolina, and several listed as unknown...18 calls in the last 15 hours.

Reported 19th, Sep. 2013.

I get random calls every few months for a day from every freakin state in the U.S. I know these are fakes, scammers, telemarketers from India or wherever so every call goes unanswered and is immediately blocked. I have heard that companies are developing software for phones so that we can program in only calls that will go through from known callers to deal with these annoying scammers and/or telemarketers. All other calls just go to spam. Same as email.

The caller was identified as ??
Reported 8th, Oct. 2013.

Repeatedly calls, again, and again. Have said the person he asks for is not at this number. Keeps calling

Reported 8th, Oct. 2013.


The caller was identified as ???
Reported 9th, Oct. 2013.

I ahve been recieving calls from this number and others with the same thing. I have been getting harrassed for weeks now. How do you make these call stop??

The caller was identified as Unsure
Reported 10th, Oct. 2013.

Been getting consistent calls almost every hour from different numbers everytime. When I answer, the phone rings back (as if I called them) they answer asking for someone who is not me. Then I ask them to tak me off their list and they hang up. I block each call that comes in but they seem to auto-generate new ones each time. Some other ones they've used:
Can't file an FCC complaint due to government shutdown.

The caller was identified as unknown/conroe, TX
Reported 10th, Oct. 2013.
p t

when calling back this number, they do not accept calls or messages...I have been receiving these call since 715 am today...every 15 minutes or so...I asked to speak to a manager and was told "no and I going to hang up" and they did... they also ask for unknown person

The caller was identified as no name given
Reported 15th, Oct. 2013.

To whom it may, concern. these people that been, calling me from this number 9363335642. is so irritating, non stop calls. About some payday loan. So whoever is calling, from this number. I will report you, to the better business bureau.

The caller was identified as San antonio
Reported 16th, Oct. 2013.

3 calls in last hour... First two were an Indian guy. The last was an Indian woman... Hang up after I tell them not to call me

Reported 18th, Oct. 2013.

Have called repeatedly telling me they need more information for my loan application. Have told them I don't have an application and to quit calling me. Two times it was a man with an India accent and the third time a woman with the same accent.

Reported 21st, Oct. 2013.

Someone just called me and when I told him he was a scam he tried to get me to go on a date with him. What is wrong with these people!!!

Reported 22nd, Oct. 2013.
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