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Phone number: 918-213-0750 is located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Its exchange 213 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -.
The number is currently on switch number TULTOKCLDS0.
Around 80% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 6th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 10 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "No message left, Breast Cancer Something"

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Just Me

This is a Skype Stalker named Brandy that lives in Broken Arrow Ok.She's what I believe is a Psychotic that lives in the Hidden Springs Sub-Division.

The caller was identified as Breast Cancer Soc.
Reported 9th, Jul. 2013. | Complain this number

Not sure if they are scamming from the things I looked up n how UNprofessional the caller was I think they are I thought I was doin a good deed donating to a cancer foundation people are sick for using cancer as a way to get money well the jokes on them cause I turned my bank card off n God help those who lie about stuff like cancer

The caller was identified as amanda I think
Reported 3rd, Mar. 2014. | Complain this number
Joyce R.

This number keeps calling us and I have told them to stop. I did donate two times because they said it was a breast cancer company. And I do not want them calling again, my husband and I both have told them to stop and take us off of their list. But they just keep calling every day or every other day. Please block their number from my house. They don't take no for an answer. Grrr.

Reported 16th, Jul. 2014. | Complain this number

She called while I was taking a nap. I agreed to a $20 donation, then I was transferred to someone else who wanted my credit card to expedite the donation. I refused and said i would send a check, but in retrospect I think this was not Breast Cancer Society as she said. So No check will be forthcoming.

Reported 11th, Nov. 2014. | Complain this number

This woman has called us for several years. Always asks to speak with my husband. I tell her he isn't available and she hangs up. Sometimes when I answer she hangs up. Told her a couple of years ago we didn't donate to phone solicitors and to quit calling. Didn't do any good.

The caller was identified as Breast Cancer Research
Reported 24th, Nov. 2014. | Complain this number

Called twice today. First time they hung up, second time woman asked for my husband by his first name, I told her I was his wife and asked if I could help her and she hung up.

The caller was identified as Breast Cancer S
Reported 28th, Nov. 2014. | Complain this number

Calls at least 2 times a day-even weekends. There is a BBB alert out for this #. Very unethical!!! Other people who have been receiving numerous calls says the call is coming from Broken Arrow Ok.

The caller was identified as breast cancer
Reported 14th, Feb. 2015. | Complain this number

She first ask for my son and then began with she was so glad she wasn't going to have to talk to an answering machine again. This number has never left a message on our phone. She was pushy and I finally agreed they could send a pledge card/envelope to me and I would donate what I could. Then she said, "Look, we aren't trying to take the cheese off your macaroni.............." I told her she was being tacky and I hung up. Now I find out through this site she is a fraud! Do not agree to give to this so called Breast Cancer help center.

The caller was identified as Breast Cancer Something
Reported 21st, Feb. 2015. | Complain this number

Been called many times by this number at many times of the day but they have never left a message. Clearly they are up to no go. I hope they get hit by a meteor or just as likely that they get shut down by the government.

The caller was identified as No message left
Reported 21st, Feb. 2015. | Complain this number

This woman keeps calling for my boyfriend who doesnt even live at my house she hangs up every time I answer when he is here she keeps asking for donations for breast cancer. Whenever she's about to transfer him he hangs up. She keeps calling and she seems to act like she knows him but he's very confused by her and how he even got his name

Reported 2nd, Mar. 2015. | Complain this number
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