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Phone number: 916-740-1723 is located in Roseville, California.

Around 41% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 57th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 74 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Children's Cancer Center , Children's Cancer"

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GIVE ME A BREAK...CHILDREN'S CANCER. Obviously scammers. And no message on answering machine, big tip off there.

The caller was identified as CHILDRENS CANCER
Reported 27th, Feb. 2013.

Children's Cancer called my number and didn't leave a message. Very suspicious.

The caller was identified as Children's Cancer
Reported 27th, Feb. 2013.

Did not leave message

Reported 1st, Mar. 2013.

Caller I.D showed unknown. They asked for my husband. When I said he was unavailable and I'd take a message. They hung up. Scam? Yep.

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 6th, Mar. 2013.

Showed up as 'Children's Cancer' left no message.

The caller was identified as Children's Cancer
Reported 20th, Mar. 2013.

How to stop? We are listed on do not call list. Is this useless?

The caller was identified as Childrens C
Reported 21st, Mar. 2013.

I'm on the do not call list... Nothing is done to these people who call anyway...

The caller was identified as cancer ca.
Reported 26th, Mar. 2013.
f**k cancer

rude a*s black lady calls and ask for a person then goes on a ramble about cancer fund and sending me a pledge card, b will not shut her trap long enough to hear that I am not interested so she can f**k off along with her "foundation". scammers

The caller was identified as childrens cancer foundation
Reported 27th, Mar. 2013.

Caller asked for me by name... I told her I was on the Do Not Call list, and didn't accept sales calls. She continued even as I tried to stop her. She said they were a charity and could call in spite of the Do Not Call Registry. I finally hung up.

The caller was identified as Children's Cancer Center
Reported 1st, Apr. 2013.

caller ID / Children's Cancer.a lady asked for my husband by name and then I told her he was not here.( he was standing right next to me). Can I take a message? No message! I just hung up on her. How Rude! My number is unlisted also and on the NO CALL LIST.. Bummer I have to answer all these annoying phone calls..........Good thing I have caller ID. I have even picked up and put the phone down but the telemarketers keep on calling. Finely had to tell one guy they have already called and I don't want to be called again. He apologized and told me he would note that down..I told him I had an unlisted number. He told me it was random calling. UGHHHHHHHHHH

The caller was identified as childrens cancer
Reported 2nd, Apr. 2013.

Same # called and didn't leave a message. I was given a phone number that supposed to had NEVER been assigned. That is was I was told when the phone co. hooked up my home phone. I am very ill and so is my husband, disabled actually, and it's hard enough to get to the phone for real calls!!!

The caller was identified as na
Reported 21st, Apr. 2013.

HOW TO THROTTLE BOGUS CALLS (updated 03/21/2012)

Ok, here's a solution if your phone has a contacts list--it works quite well on my iPhone, which allows unlimited phone numbers for any contact.

Step 1, create a contact named something like these names

Step 2, select a SILENT ring type for this contact. Or, select a distinctly unusual ring tone like

This lets you know if a repeat caller is on the line, but I prefer the silence myself. My iPhone lights up showing the caller ID, even though I have a silent ring.

Step 3. Enable CALLER ID to be displayed for incoming calls that are made to your phone. It's a pity these stealth calls UNKNOWN, or OUT OF AREA, or their ilk, can't be blocked by any phone I know about. My iPhone won't let me put these names where the phone number field is entered.

So, what you do is to put the phone numbers of all bogus and scam callers that contact you, or try to call you, in this special contact.

Also, unless you recognize a toll free number owner, let all calls of this type go unanswered, and if no
voicemail is left, add the Caller ID (their phone number) into the IGNORE JUNK CALL contact.

Also add any other bogus calls
you get or know about, well they go in this contact too.

This may mean also all callers that don't leave a voice mail, or are soliciting you for services or products who you don't have a business relation with. And slime bags you don't want to talk to, like that jerk at the bar, or your ex.

For new toll free and also out of area calls: run these numbers
through Google search to see if they have been reported as junk or have been identified by others as scams.

Don't call an unsolicited toll-free number back, it captures your own phone number, and you will get on other scam lists to call you.

Toll free numbers all have area codes from this list: codes 800, 888, 877, 866, and codes reserved for future expansion include 844, 833, 822, 880 through 887, and 889.

FURTHER: Don't take the default voice mail prompt that came with your phone, because it usually
speaks your phone number and indicates you aren't around to pick up the call and maybe even speaks your name as well.

Record a new one
like "Sorry I missed you, your message will be appreciated".
Friends will know your voice. Scammers, not so often.

My list is long now, my silent ring saves me from tons of spam and scam, and yes, the do not call list is worthless, and toothless as well.

Please feel free to copy this post anywhere, and to any forum.

Consider writing a letter or email to your phone supplier, or your congressman to fix this awful state of affairs, and to put some teeth into the DO NOT CALL law. Ask them to shut down the services that allow fake telephone numbers to be used as well.

Crafted by xyzzyuG

Reported 24th, Apr. 2013.

Called at dinner time - caller ID on TV (UVerse), ignored.

The caller was identified as Children's Cancer
Reported 25th, Apr. 2013.

Collect a list of these types of numbers and send to the Attorney Gen's office.
Get a phone whereby you can actually block phone numbers.
We also have a shrill whistle and when we see these numbers on caller ID we deploy the whistle

The caller was identified as Children's Cancer
Reported 18th, May. 2013.

"Debbie" tried flattery at first, saying she was going to ask if my mother was home as I sounded so young on the phone, and that it was a quite a compliment to me.
Then she launched in to her spiel. I told her I was sorry I could not help her as I was recently unemployed.
She then asked for a $15 donation. I repeated myself. She began reciting from her script, *talking over me* and when I interjected she raised her voice at me to say, "I'm just trying to do my job!"

The caller was identified as Children's Cancer Center
Reported 23rd, May. 2013.

They want money. I hung up.

The caller was identified as Children's Chance
Reported 10th, Jun. 2013.

Just asked for the woman of the house. I commentated that was very sexist and for that reason...no thank you.

The caller was identified as Children's Cancer
Reported 11th, Jun. 2013.

Called twice....second time I picked up the receiver and laid it by the phone and let her do her thing until she realized she was talking to air.

The caller was identified as children's cancer
Reported 12th, Jun. 2013.

I now have a list of 48 numbers calling me from scammers and phony telemarketers. This one called today; I didn't answer and no message was left. I ck'd here and see it is a scam. Why isn't our phone number our personal business. Who publishes our numbers? This has got to stop. I get 4 or 5 a day!!! Why doesn't DO NOT CALL.GOV do something or why even have a website and use up our time trying to report these crooks.

The caller was identified as childrens cancer
Reported 19th, Jul. 2013.
J Wisotzkey

Called me at 8:01 AM - this is harassment. I keep telling them I don't have any money, and to take me off of their list, but they continue to call. Sometimes they give me the HARD sell, "You don't want to give money to children with cancer?." Childrens Cancer Center in California reeks of organized crime.

The caller was identified as Children's Cancer Center
Reported 20th, Jul. 2013.

Called with caller ID showing "Children's Cancer". Woman asked for a name who does not live here. When I told her so she asked that I provide her my name and address in order to send a pledge card. Kept talking about how miserable the sick kids are. Sounded like a scam.

Reported 25th, Jul. 2013.
Oakland CA

Hung up without allowing request to remove number.

The caller was identified as Children's cancer (claim)
Reported 7th, Aug. 2013.

Looking for Sophia for months. I don't know any Sophia. I it's driving me crazy

Reported 12th, Aug. 2013.
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