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Phone number: 914-368-2554 is located in Yonkers, New York.

Its exchange 368 is managed by SBC TELECOM, INC. - NY.
The number is currently on switch number NYCPNYYKDS3.
Around 38% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 35th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 34 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "thebreastcancer, 19143682554"

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Caller says she is collecting for women with breast cancer. She did not clearly state who she was calling for. She wants a commitment for a donation for these women who are going to be so grateful. She wants a credit card or debit card number. I told her I do not give out that information to strangers and hung up. She called back three more times so I put the number on my Time Warner call blocking list. The next day I get a call that says Private Caller which shows for friends with unlisted numbers. I answered thinking it was a friend and it was that B.....again. Is it not clear yet that I am not interested?

The caller was identified as N?A
Reported 1st, May. 2013.

They call everyday and don't leave a message, even when I'm sleeping.

Reported 2nd, May. 2013.

Got a call from this number tonight at 8:13PM, we don't answer calls we don't know especially at a late hour (how rude). I read on other areas that it's a charity collecting, and a poor way of doing it also. We would never donate money over the phone to just any scammer, we would contact the charity of our choice in person at their office which would be local.

The caller was identified as Yonker's, NY
Reported 11th, May. 2013.

called a number on the do not call list

Reported 7th, Jun. 2013.

I have been getting at least (3) three calls each day for the past (4) four w'eeks. When I pick up, there is just dead air, then someone hangs up. Its driving me crazy! Which is the effect the caller wants!

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 7th, Jun. 2013.

Very annoying and have received a few a day as per caller ID.
No messages left on answering machine.

Reported 10th, Jun. 2013.

Called at 8:39 this morning. Let it go to the answering machine. No message left.

Reported 12th, Jun. 2013.

They called me this morning at 9:45AM. I said "hello"...they were on the line but did not say anything. I REFUSED to say "hello" again as they usually will hang up if you don't. They hung up on me after a minute of listening to them being silent. What a nuisance these callers are! I don't give money to anyone who calls on the phone and asks for it....can't be trusted. I will pick and choose my own charities.

The caller was identified as ?
Reported 19th, Jun. 2013.

called from that number- which is no where near my house and asked to speak to the lady of the house- so i hung up- googled her # and found out its a scam

Reported 21st, Jun. 2013.

Just hung up by the time I heard the phone read the number and picked up.

The caller was identified as ???
Reported 27th, Jun. 2013.

Keep getting calls that show up on caller ID and won't answer, get 3 or 4 calls a day from them but no voice mail. Call as early as 8am and as late as 8pm, they don,t get the hint

Reported 12th, Jul. 2013.

This was the 4th time in two days and I finally picked up and said "Please don't call me again." And they hung up.

Reported 30th, Jul. 2013.
Susan M. Macinick

Continously calls...leaves no message. This time I answred phone and said Hello and got absolutely NO RESPONSE. This is harrassing. They call in the morning, afternoon and evening.
If you don't leave a message than your call is obviously NOT IMPORTANT. Keep calling and I will have no other alternative than to file a complaint with the Public Advocates Office.

The caller was identified as WEST HARRISON, NEW YORK
Reported 1st, Aug. 2013.

asked for my husband, and when I asked who was calling, they hung up. weird. unprofessional.

Reported 12th, Aug. 2013.

Just got a call from this number, and she asked for a pledge of $40, and that they would send something in the mail so we could send the $. She hung up on me after I told her she could contact us by mail but that we wanted to be placed on their "Don't call list", as we don't wish to be called at home.

Reported 9th, Sep. 2013.

This number keeps showing up on my caller i.d. When I don't answer they call on my cell which I also don't answer. The call is originating in New York State. I's getting tired of this and being on the do not call list is a joke. I wonder if the FCC is the place to call.

Reported 14th, Oct. 2013.

Wanted money for breast cancer, I hung up on her. I am on the national do not call list. These scammers get my number off of online job applications

Reported 29th, Oct. 2013.

They call us repeatedly claiming to be a breast cancer group. What ever happened to the "Do not call list?"

Reported 2nd, Nov. 2013.

Got a call from this number, I did not answer as we do not answer calls from unknown numbers. No message was left, very annoying!

Reported 7th, Nov. 2013.
frank g

so this is a scam for breast cancer? They called with one number, then called right back as "Unknown"

Reported 14th, Nov. 2013.
Don Hollister

Calls come in frequently and no one answers me when I say hello.
Finally a call came in at 8:30 in the evening and voice said she was Amanda and asking for donations for breast cancer survivors.
all from 914-368-2554

The caller was identified as Amanda
Reported 16th, Nov. 2013.

My experience is pretty similar to everyone else. My question is, doesn't the service provider that supplies 914-368-2554 with a tool to harass have some responsibility in contributing to the caller's abuse of others? Is the NY State Attorney's office empowered to crack down on these tormentors? Part of the problem is there are no consequences for this behavior other than sites like this that offer an opportunity to vent.

Reported 15th, Dec. 2013.

Charitable organizations are not bound by the "do not call" list.

The caller was identified as Breast Cancer Association
Reported 30th, Dec. 2013.
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