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  I Have No Idea, I Never Talked To Anyone
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D A Collection

(905) 507-**** Phone Numbers

Near Cooksville, Ontario
Issued by Bell Canada

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 1994.

While 9055078889 was originally issued with the info above, the owner of the phone number (905) 507-8889 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

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Caller name: I have no idea, I never talked to anyone

Caller type: Unknown

This was an 11 min call apparently , but I never talked to anyone and it was at 8:15 pm

- Tracy

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[Reply]   May 7, 2014

Caller name: Ontario

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

When I read this, I knew my hunches were right... these are likely cult driven calls where they don't regard the common folk as their equals, they want to sheer the profane. Do you realize when you get a bank loan, the governments gives these crooks the authority to fabricate electronic funds out of thin air... everything you pay to the bank thereafter, both principle and interest, is all profit at 0 risk. Like during the Great Depresion where farmers lost their land to the banks, it was a scam... the banks put nothing on the table except pay a little bit on taxes. It's a scam against the "profane herd of intellectual animals" the cult claims. The Knights Templar cult were the first international bankers 900 years ago and they still operate in secrecy today. Do you figure they may have worked their way into the governments that give banks these kind of priviledges and profits? Those Templars preached to their cult that anyone not a member in the cult was their lawful prey... but isn't it really parasitism rather than predation? If this mistifies you, then you are ready to study the way this cult opperates. Study William Cooper's "Mystery Babylon" series of radio broadcasts from Arizona, there is a transcript if you rather read.
These comments are very revealing how these calls are going to go.
19 Aug 2015
This is a scam!! tried collection money owed by a friend who doesn't' even deal with the loan agency. Wanted me to pay via credit card over the phone. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!
Central Ontario
17 Sep 2015
Just called my place of business asking for a co-worker. When told that she was busy and couldn't come to the phone, made it sound like there was an emergency regarding her soon to be ex husband. They were a collection agency after him not her but are now calling and harassing her at her place of business. Shameful!!

Now, If you are owing money and this is really a debt collector after you, I don't know if it is, you should read this:
Now, here's what I've learned about these sibsidary companies. I see a lot of posts telling people how to deal with them, etc. But people aren't all giving the correct information- and even those who have, they dis not give the *full* details. This goes for Ontario:

#1 These companies often provide TWO different services to their clients (banks, credit card companies, etc). The first is to act on behalf of the client to help collect monies owed to that company. In this case, they are hired by that company to track you down and try to get you to pay what you owe. This is common of big companies. These types of cases are usually the ones within the 2 year Statue of Limitations, wherein you have defaulted and there is still time to sue you. In this case, if you ignore their calls or do not work with them, you *may* leave yourself open to legal action. I say *may* because MOST of these cases are worth far too little to the company to go through the hassle of legal preceedings. They'd rather write off the debt than actually sue. The SECOND (and far more common) use of these third party collectors is when the debt has gone beyond the statute of limitations. At this point, the initial company you owe money to is no longer within their ability to take legal action. At that point, all the company can do is either keep calling and hope you'll pay, or, they sell your debt for pennies on the dollar to these third party collectors. This is why these calls are so relentless- this company is now actually turning a huge profit for themselves, rather than the peanuts they make actually working for the original company you owed money too.

#2: THERE ARE SOME DEBTS THAT ARE DIFFERENT AND DEALT WITH BY THE GOVERNMENT. This means they are a whole different ball game. Student loans, like OSAP, do not get sold to third party companies, nor are they bound by the same collections laws as individual lendors. In this case, you *are* still required to pay your debts, and they DO take legal action.

#3: General info:
- Collection agencies can call between 7am-9pm Monday to Saturday, and between 1pm-5pm on Sundays and Statutory holidays.
- if they make contact (leave a voicemail or speak with someone), they may only call 3 times in a seven day period (this, by the way, is why you find they usually don't leave messages- it's so that they can call 10 times a day, every day)
- they are required by law to state their name and company, and required to be liscenced to collect. In addition, they are required to provide their collection ID certification number to you if you ask for it.
- they are required to send you a letter 6 days prior to making telephone contact with you. If you have no received a letter detailing their company and what they're collecting on, it may either be because they don't have your up to date information (ie address) or may be because they just disregarded this step. Happens all the time.
- they may call from several different phone numbers. They do this because the companies aren't stupid- they do know that people have call blocking on most phones these days, so they hope different numbers will get them through.

Helpful hints:
1: if the debt is for someone else, inform the agent, and ask them to cease and desist all calls. If they persist, launch a complaint with the better business bureau and send them a registered letter explaining that you are not that person and to cease all calls. Registered letters can be tracked and require a signature upon delivery. They cost about 10$ to send from any post office.
2: if the debt is yours, and within the 2 year limit, stay calm. First, ask them to send you a proper copy of the original contract to verify the debt is yours (even though you may know it is). Once you've received that, discuss the situation with the agent, and ask if you can make a one time settlement payment to settle and close the account outstanding. Don't ask them for a number- give them one that you can afford. For example, if they're saying you owe 2000$ with interest, see if you can pay only the principal amount in full (like, $1200 if that's about right). More often than not they'll be glad to just get what you initially owed. BUT, before you pay anything, if they agree to your terms, ask them to send you a *new* letter with the new agreement terms. Once you receive that, verify that it states that you will be paying X amount in full settlement to close the account. If it does, make your payment. Pay in a way that you can get documentation of the payment, staple it to the agreement they've mailed you, and keept it somewhere safe. You're done and the calls should stop.
3. If the debt is yours, and it's over the statute. First of all, follow the above steps asking for a proper letter for verification of the account and amounts owing. Then, you have a few decisions to make: Are you in a financial place to pay them off? Because if you are, and the debt is in fact what you've incurred, morality says you should obviously do so. But, for those who are unsure if the debt belongs to you, or, often times the debt is SO old, you can't be sure whether or not you've paid it off before (this actually happens a lot)- here's your option if paying it isn't. You can:
A) ignore the calls (this is not a long term solution. Eventually, the debt will be sold off to another company, and you'll start the whole cycle all over again).
B) Answer the call, and tell them you do not owe anything. Ask them the same information listed way above about their company, ID#, etc. If they persist (and they will), you can tell them you have received nothing in the mail (which is likely true) and have no record of anything owing. You can ask for them to mail you a copy of the original contract for verification purposes, but reiterate that you do not owe any money and it is for verification only. Once you receive the letter, you can call them back and tell them you do not acknowledge the debt, and will not be making payment. They, again, will persist. But, remember- it's outside the statute. So they have no legal recourse (they can't sue, etc) provided it's not a government loan (ie OSAP). So, at that point, inform them over the phone that you would like no further contact via telephone, and will be issuing them a registered letter that it is not your debt and to cease and desist further contact. Then type the letter, including date, your name, your telephone number(s), and that you do not acknowledge the debt, and would like them to stop calling and contacting you. Keep the stub the post office gives you, keep an extra copy of the letter, attach the stub, and keep the file safe for your records.

- Never give out personal information, including your SIN #
- they aren't allowed to threaten (including threatening legal action if it's beyond the statute) use inappropriate language, etc. I'd they do, report them to the BBB
- stay calm! This is never easy for anyone to deal with, but it is manageable. The more stressed you are, the less you'll think clearly.

Credit for the above goes to "Irritated 27 Jan 2016" on 800notes

Whereas, this in my case with this call...

My number received a message from this caller for the first time today. which associates them with similar blank/strange calls recently coming from 8668240426 (rude Brantford Exchange?), 8779049154 (rude Metropolitan?), 6136272802 (rude Red Cross?) if you are on a harass list of the secret societies they are fine with their rudeness to you, since they see you as the profane animals compared to themselves, who are fellow cult/secret society members... You will find that all of these numbers leave the targeted individual or TI a bit confused as to what it is all about. This is not normal, these organizations don't act normal and I will tell you why they can exist in our society.

This is going to be a bit of an educating note or entertaining one to others. These type of calls are a mild form of gang-stalking which are supposed to psychologically disturb you and make you worry about the unknown. I have been physically gang-stalked an many of my possessions destroyed in the middle of the night by the political thugs or secret society minions who live all amoungst the common, profane, working-class citizens. This is background information as to how the secret societies control the "herd."
When a teen-ager/person joins a secret society (usually because the family has a heritage in it) they begin secret training that they are the shepards to manage the herd. You need to read/study/listen to the late William Cooper's "Mystery Babylon Series." He spells out in the best detail I have found yet, how the secret societies are organized, their history and why they infiltrate anything that may have political influence on the masses. They are "foot soldiers" for the World Governance cult who are determined to crumble constitutional society and bring in a technocracy of tyranny... just like Stalin and Hitler were blamed for doing, but it was the Mystery School cult behind the scenes causing them to come to power. In fact, after Trump forced the CIA to release the Kennedy documents a few weeks ago, a 1955 photo of Hitler in Argentina and proof that Oswald was not the assassin, and that the cult running the shadow government was behind it all.
This cult existed before the USA, it reaches back beyond the pyramids, back to babylon even, this is why the seal on the one dollar debt note has a pyramid on it... it is a cult symbol of their future take-over of the USA and the world.... hence the conspiracy theory(a CIA cult create term to close the herds minds off) of World Government is now publicly being announced.

William Morgan infiltrated some USA cult meetings in the 1820s and published what they were plotting against the people of america and he disappeared suddenly with the Free Masons getting away with the crime with a few days in jail for 4 cult members taking the heat, while hiding the rest of the cult plotted further coverups. The American people created a Anti-masonic party to clean up politics and the legal system, but were infiltrated by the cult and the movement disintegrated from within by 1840. The cult was careful to never let this exposure of their underhanded ways surface again. But William Cooper exposed them for about a decade radio broadcast called "The Hour of The Times" until the day he was shot dead by undercover cult members.

I have been directly harassed by cult for over a decade now, many deadly accidents and destruction of my works and belonging and lots of slander to the profane by their thugs of secrecy. Cooper said "They have infiltrated every important part of America and I can vouch the it is likely worse in Canada. The present-day canadians have not stood up for the civil liberties achieved by past freedom fighters and canadians are quickly descending back to a 3rd world status... just like the cult designed to happen. If you look at how Sweden's political decisions and pressure are destroying that country's continuity, it is not done by accident, it is done by the masterminds of the cult. Their foremost desire and profession is controlling the masses of profane humans and keeping themselves hidden from awareness.

So, okay, back to the calls. You see, the three numbers associated with this number are in a information gathering/sharing network to harrass or develop more information. Some people wonder how the cult got ahold of the private cell number... the cell phone is another cult controlled data tool for destroying society, you have been tricked into thinking it is just for you talking to others. The Brave New World the cult masters have planned for world government is centuries old. The Knights Templar cult desired world control, the Roshaniyas cult, the Assassins cult of the Middle East who drew their origins out of ancient Egypt, too, wanted world control. They were the Mystery School back in Ancient Greece and they are same today. But now they have the brainchip and covert implantations perfected to the point that they will use this tool to create a hive-mind for the cult and the profane herd will become mindless zombies... the brainchip can to that to a person.

I was brainchipped after an assassination attempt in 2007 failed and I survived that phony heart attack. I have fought the AI and cult gang-stalkers continually ever since... the chip controls sleep so until they lobotomized me through my left eye socket 15 months ago I was only allowed 4 hours sleep a day for over a decade... it is meant to make one easier prey. They let me sleep now my normal hours before the brainchip. You ask why are they doing this to me specifically, I guess they see me as a freedom fighter... I guess there are not many of us amoungst all of you out there. They caught me educating the sheep. Why not just kill me? They have me in one of their "satanic" or masonic rituals called secret dagger or slow kill. They charater assassinate and send one into poverty with their control over society. It is a display of power, i guess, to show a case example of to their minion as to how powerful the cult is. Once they have you broke, they infiltrate and destroy any job opportunities or money making sources because they control most things or they gain control of where your income comes from and cut you off and snicker at you. Why the lobotomy, because I was too defiant of a freedom fighter and I gathered too much understanding of their hideous nature. Their low level minions have to be kept in the dark about the cult until the master's have twisted their minds enough to not freak them out about how wicked they are. They are quietly geniciding all non-cultmembers through GMOs, pesticids, 2.4GHz microwaves, gang-stalking, pipewrenches... missing persons... thats them. If the lobotomy failed I would like have been a missing person last seen in Belize.

So if you are just here because of payments not up to date... I am up to date in my payments... be warned. The secret societies see you as a sheep, if they cant harvest you for wool (money) they will begin using their technology and techniques and tactics to train young cult initiates to learn how to cull you out of the herd. And if their world governance takes outright control of your country and is accepted by the "free" people then they will soon have you on a chopping block... Just like Hitler did (he was in the cult), just like Stalin did (he was in the same cult that controls things from the shadows today) as did so many other Mystery School tyrants. You best spread this info while you can, cause once the right to protect yourself is ever given away to the cult, they will turn your world upside down like history tells us over and over.

History shows two main ruling structures for countries. They are run like tyrants vs. slaves or they are run like a free public citizenry vs. secret society cockroaches running things from the shadows... afraid when the light shines upon them... a spot light of awareness! Not their "light" their preachers use to brainwash their minions with.

- Sask landline

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[Reply]   February 20, 2018

Caller name: Ontario

Caller type: Unknown

I answered the call and immediately said, 'don't call me" - and clicked off. Two seconds later, a call from the same number came. I answered saying "don't call me."
A guy responded saying, "all you had to do was say 'wrong number'"
I said, "it wasn't a wrong number, you intended to call me." "Don't call me again." I hung up.
The guy was yelling at me that it was a wrong number, and yet he called back!!!??!! Interesting.

- dr

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[Reply]   February 22, 2013

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