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Caller name: Goliath

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

This "company" called my phone and left a nasty message for someone who is most certainly not me. The message they left was very harassing in nature and just about as shady as I could imagine. I called the number back to request to have my number taken off their call list and I asked for the name of the company. Things got NASTY from there.

The lady that answered the phone said she was just a receptionist for a 13 floor building. I asked her for the name of any company in the building. She then asked for a claim number. So she was obviously lying and knew who I was calling for. She forwarded me to some guy named Greg and this guy was a work of art. I asked for the name of his company and he said "I don't have a company". I asked what he meant and I was told that he doesn't own a company. I was annoyed. I asked for the name of the company he worked for. He didn't want to give it. He spat out some name and told me he is the jerk buster. I asked again for the name of his company (I wanted to know who was calling my phone, a right I have when contacted) and he hung up on me. I called back. New "receptionist", same BS story. I was forwarded back to captain professionalism, Greg, and I asked for the name of his company. He unleashed a barrage of name calling and some other unintelligible nonsense. I asked for his company's name. Now I wanted to file a report with the FTC (which I have done since then) and I was told this-

"We have women that work for this company. How do I know you won't come to our building and rape them on their way home to their families and then go shoot up a bar? Because you're a jerk and you would do something like that."

So this company has a wonderful set of libel, slander, harassment, and so on I'm looking at pressing.

If you get a call from this number, just hang up on them. They're a scam. No legitimate company on earth would behave in such a way. They continued to call me and harass me. The police have been called, complaints have been filed, and I hope Greg learns what it means to not be a criminal scumbag. But anyway, yeah... scam. 100% scam with these people. If you're having a bad day, just tell them what you are feeling at the moment and hang up. They have nothing on you and they are breaking numerous federal laws by doing what they're doing. Let's make them work just a little bit harder to try and squeeze money from strangers.

"Goliath" (if that's your real name, which I know it isn't)- bad idea.

- Billy Recco

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[Reply]   November 9, 2018

Caller type: Unknown

harassing calls!!!!

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   November 8, 2018

Caller type: Unknown


- Anonymous

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[Reply]   November 1, 2018
In response to:

harassing calls!!!!

Caller type: Unknown

Please file police reports against this company for each call and file an FTC claim for each call as well. Please contact the California AG to report this company. The pieces of trash that work for this low life outfit need to spend time in prison.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   November 9, 2018

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