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Phone number: 888-888-8888 The number is a Toll Free number

Around 55% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 76th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 34 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "BISWAJIT SARKAR, AT&T"

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Caller said he is John from eSolving. Wanted to talk about my microsoft computer...I looked it up on Yahoo and found that they are a scam.

The caller was identified as John
Reported 21st, Dec. 2011. | Complain this number

also called me a fella named Bill, I told him I own a mac and slammed the phone (eventhough I own a PC), I just hope that this is going to get me off their call list

Reported 22nd, Dec. 2011. | Complain this number

Caller referenced microsoft problem.
Called more than once. Asked to not call again.

Reported 30th, Nov. 2012. | Complain this number

called and said he was from Microsoft and my computer had been infected and he was instructed to call if I would go to my pc he would walk me thru necessary steps to fix the problem, I ask for a ligit phone number he gave me to many numbers i told him i was reporting him to authorities he hung up. Do not give them any access to your computer this is a hoax!

Reported 12th, Jan. 2013. | Complain this number

This is a SCAM. They called me twice and I played with him. I asked what the the problem was and I thanked him for letting me know. I asked what I needed to do and he said I should sit down at my computer. I stopped him and asked him how much it would cost and he said $99.00 I got tired of playing with him and I finally told him to F%#K himself both times. Do your self a favor, hang up on them and don't answer the number again.

Reported 28th, Jan. 2013. | Complain this number

Received a call from a forgeiner asking for me by first and last name, telling me that he was from washington dc and because I paid my bills on time and because I was in good standing, the "Federal
Govt." would deposit $7000 into my bank account or my credit card of my choosing. All i had to do was call a number back with a pin number and the acct number i wanted the money to go into.
I ended the conversation by telling him that i couldnt understand him andi believed what he was saying was a scam.

The caller was identified as from washington dc
Reported 22nd, Apr. 2013. | Complain this number
David Corson

I received a call from 888-888-8888 around 5:30pm CST. I didn't answer it.

The caller was identified as Didn't answer to find out.
Reported 30th, Apr. 2013. | Complain this number

I received call from 888-888-8888 and did not answer, after reading the above comments I am glad I did not answer. I have received numerous calls from random area codes that I do not know. I reported to law enforcement. spoofing. and probable identity theft. Report to you law enforcement agency.

Reported 7th, May. 2013. | Complain this number

Got 2 calls in the same day. Didn't answer the first time, second time I answer and other side hang up.

Reported 28th, May. 2013. | Complain this number

caller told me i was chosen by the government because i pay my taxes and have a clean record. They wanted to give me $7000. they said they would call me again today because the bank was closed and they couldnt do anything for me at the time.

Reported 16th, Jul. 2013. | Complain this number

I had received calls from them a while back repetitively, what answer I'd say hello they would not even respond and I'm wild up just hang up and not answering again but they kept calling I'm not mistaken if and if memory serves correct they called probably about 20 times in about 3 weeks to a month

Reported 29th, Jul. 2013. | Complain this number

We had 2 calls today from this number. Didn't answer the first call, no message on the machine. later in the evening we received another call. Husband answered it, thought it was AT&T. he gave me the phone, and I listen to a woman with a very thick accent telling me to turn on my computer because she was with Microsoft and she needed to help walk me through the way to clean up my computer. she got quite insistent that I do so. I told her to send me some information......she kept telling me to turn on my computer, so I finally hung up. Sounds like a scam...

Reported 11th, Sep. 2013. | Complain this number

An indian man calls me 5 times a day asking for me by name. the first time my husband asked what his name was, he hung up. today i asked him toremove me from the list, he hung up.Over all they have called over 35 times.

The caller was identified as ?
Reported 18th, Oct. 2013. | Complain this number

I have been receiving calls from this number for 2 days now and within those 2 days they have called me a total of 20 times. When I tried to call the number back they said I had won a 4 day cruise for only $59. I told them to take my number off of the call list and the woman told me that they do not make outgoing calls and I needed to try again. I nicely told her to go f**k herself. I received a call an hour later and it was and Indian man. He was very rude and thought it was funny when I told him that I was calling the police because this is harassment.

Reported 7th, Nov. 2013. | Complain this number

Another call from "Microsoft Technical Support"
When I ask the caller if they are familiar with the do not call list, they hang up.
I have filed a complaint with the FTC.

The caller was identified as Not provided
Reported 15th, Nov. 2013. | Complain this number

called here 10:50,10:37, 5:51, 2:26, &1:03 said my computer was infected! Could not understand the NO ENGLISH speaking b***h!! Better NOT call this number again!! when I called the number back gave me a 1-800-712-3000 that first was information... called back it was DirectTV.... just know they BETTER NOT CALL BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reported 16th, Nov. 2013. | Complain this number

The caller told me a restraining had been issued for me, ordered to appear in court, have my attorney contact them in 24-48 hours with case no. 31330.

The caller was identified as Civil Investigations Unit
Reported 20th, Nov. 2013. | Complain this number

This call has come to my cell twice in 12 hours, once ringing persistently in the middle of the night. How can one get on a no-call list?

Reported 29th, Nov. 2013. | Complain this number

It's possible to spoof the caller ID so that the caller can make it display anything he/she wants. It doesn't necessarily mean that the call is fraudulent (although I'm sure that many of them are). For example, companies can use this to show their main switchboard number whenever a call is made from within their PBX.

I just received a call that caller-ID identified as being from this number (which it said was "Vzw at Best Buy"). It turned out it was my garbage company letting me know that they wouldn't be collecting garbage on my usual day due to bad weather and that collection would be delayed by one day for everyone.

The caller was identified as Waste Management
Reported 10th, Feb. 2014. | Complain this number

this number called me saying there a problem with my computer i asked him a few questions like what compony u from and to speak to a advise they would not tell me much just that they wanted me to open my computer for them i refuse then at the end of the phone call they told me to shut up a few time then hang up if u ask me smell like a scam i will see if the call again. then get names.

The caller was identified as did not give one
Reported 12th, Feb. 2014. | Complain this number

I received a call today from 888-888-8888 and asked if I could accept legal papers for my ex that I haven't seen in about 20 years. How in the h**l are they getting my unlisted phone number?

The caller was identified as Bj Holdings
Reported 6th, Mar. 2014. | Complain this number

Have received numerous, repeated calls from this number. Do not answer. Want these annoying harassing calls to cease.

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 20th, Mar. 2014. | Complain this number

number of calls from 888-888-8888 when ii pick a phone NO ANSWER

The caller was identified as none
Reported 26th, Mar. 2014. | Complain this number
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