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Caller name: Brian

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

This guy answered after fake pop-up showing a Zues virus on computer, he claimed to be Microsoft Tech (he wasn't), had my dad enter some code in his computer which froze it up, obviously was about to start asking for money to release it when I walked in and confronted the butt hole. He had no answers, and guess what, theres no virus on computer either. Everyone beware!!

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   June 23, 2017

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

This man John calls every other day. He knows my computer ID and is telling me something is wrong with my computer. He knows my name which is scary and has my office phone number. I have asked him every time he calls not to call me anymore but he continues to do so.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   April 22, 2015

Caller type: Unknown

This person keeps calling and saying that there is something wrong with my computer adn then tries to get me to give him information about my IP address. I have hung up 2x and today he gave this as a call back number and states that he works for Vroteth (at least that's how he spelled it!

- Anonymous
New York

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[Reply]   May 8, 2015

Caller name: Vishwakarma Technologies Corp (fraudulent)

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

Ransom ware tech support #.
Indian accent wanted money to unlock "virus on your computer".

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   July 7, 2017

Caller name: Microsoft (is what I was told)

Caller type: Unknown

Indian accent. I spoke with more than one person. All had Indian accents.

I had called the number after a pop up saying I had a Zeus Virus worried me. My computer had been acting weird and running very slowly so I thought there may be something to this.

They wanted me to shut down all electronics in my house. The asked for numbers from bottom of my computer. The asked me to type something and hit "run" to give them remote access.

They then ran scans and said they found a Trojan virus. The man then googled Trojan Virus remotely and asked me to read the definition off my screen. I had already begun to have suspicions.

They of course wanted money for fixing the problem. He wrote it all out for me in "notepad" and saved it to my desktop.

SSL - Secure Socket Layers (7)
-Virus protection
-spyware protection
-malware protection
-Trojan protection
-safe email
-safe banking
-data encryption

There were 3 levels too.
2 yr - 200.
5 yr - 350.
Lifetime - 500.

Wrote his name at the bottom with the toll free number...
Rob Gibson 888-553-9724

I told him I'd talk to my husband and get back to him ( I had no intentions of getting back to him). He wanted an answer right then. Told him no. Got off phone and shut down the computer. It's been off for weeks. I won't use it for anything important anymore. Just solitaire.

- Anonymous
Rhode Island

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[Reply]   September 22, 2017

Caller name: Microsoft Daniel wilson

Caller type: Unknown

Received a pop up on my computer and called the number . The person said his name was Daniel Wilson tech 55 from microsoft

- Jane

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[Reply]   July 24, 2017

Caller name: Vishwakarma Technologies Corp (Fraudulent)

Caller type: Unknown

This person took over my grandfather's computer and convinced him that he needed their help. The computer is frozen and has been hacked. I called back and the person on the phone would not give me any information until I provided the with my full name. I plan to file a complaint with the attorney general.

- Sarah

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[Reply]   July 22, 2017

Caller name: PES Geek Technologies

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

Pop-up on computer screen....made a popping noise and said that all my devices would be gone. This telephone number popped up. I called it and they said I had been hacked and that I need a 3-person team to work on my computer. He said that they could replace my firewall for $199 for a 2-year protection. That had been a bargain because I had told him I couldn't afford the original $299, but "for me" he could go $199. I suggested that he might be the hacker and he laughed and said why would I be the hacker, I'm trying to help you, and I've been doing this for over 20 years. So I was convinced and paid the $199 using my credit card. This tech support number is listed at the bottom of my computer and if I call it, they answer, but I see that they access my computer still and he said they would do that for a 24-hour period because they are monitoring it. Do not trust these people as I have and as I am now trying to recover my money.

- anonymous

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[Reply]   July 15, 2017

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