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Caller type: Unknown

Someone I thought was from HP tried to scam me by "helping " me with printer issues and charge me $200 for the fix and another $200 for web-based antivirus service. They sounded professional and helpful, but were only helping themselves. The next day, someone claiming to be from Microsoft called saying my computer was comprised-yet another scam. DON'T FALL FOR IT!

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   January 5, 2017

Caller type: Unknown

I had a Brother printer issue...called the number posted on the Brother Help Center page..Indian rep said it was a computer issue, not printer. Just like the poster here who portrayed the caller re: Epson printer. Said I've been hacked, etc. I spent an HOUR reviewing, etc all of the "issues"...said I needed a total firewall solution, "lifetime" protection...then directed me, while online with him, what a vendor had for a consumer to buy, and from WalMart, of all places....a $1900.00 "solution", YIKES! Then, he said for the smaller sum of $799.00 , I could have for lifetime, all computers, smartphone, tablets, protection. I nervously agreed. He asked for checking account, or CC. Gave him CC#. He proceeded to assure guarantees. Arranged to have Brother replace printer, since it was already under warranty. Then, after an hour and a half installations, a call back from the same number said they needed a check, they couldn't process CC. I said, sorry, no check is forthcoming. They had assured me a CC was sufficient. I refused to send check, period. Then...he acquiesced and said since the installation had already taken place, there would be no charge, since they couldn't process CC's. I said a five year old can process CC charges, why couldn't they, a computer wizard company, do the same? Now that I've seen this thread, I realize I've been screwed, and have insured the CC company will not process any such transaction, but am deeply worried, they've installed malware, etc. What can I do, to REALLY clean my system from this possible, suspected invasion and scam? HELP!

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   November 13, 2017

Caller name: Hacker Who Used Epson Name

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

He said my printer issue was due to my computer and Asked to to get remote access and I let him. But he told me my computer was hacked and had a virus. I am worried this jerk has my info.

- Epson customer service scam

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[Reply]   October 21, 2017

Caller name: Hacker who used Epson name

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

Claimed to be able to help fix my printer. Got access to all my information. Now i'm afraid of ID fraud.

- Cheryl

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[Reply]   September 23, 2017

Caller name: Hacker Who Used Linksys Customer Service

Caller type: Unknown

Number came up as Brother service number. They were nice, seemed legit. Then asked for one time fee, when I said I thought it was free they hung up on me.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   July 11, 2017

Caller name: Hacker who used Linksys customer service

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

I received a call saying they were with Linksys and would help with my router issues. Hackers!!! BEWARE

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   March 20, 2017

Caller name: Hacker who used Canon name

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

I googled Canon printer help and this entry came up first. I called and guy with heavy Indian accent requested my computer access and I let him. He told me my computer and network was infected and insisted that only he could help, not Apple or Comcast. That made me instantly suspicious so I got him off my computer and now I'm worried about identity fraud.

- Heather

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[Reply]   April 27, 2018

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

I Googled "Brother customer service #" and this popped up as an ad. I called, but when Indian dude wanted to get into my computer, I balked, and he said "I can't help you then <click>" Obvious scam

- Jack

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[Reply]   September 21, 2017

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