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Around 50% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster". You are the 4th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 8 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "Lombardo daniel and moss, 8772119342".

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Caller name: Lombardo, Daniels, and Moss, LLC

I have been receiving harassing calls from Lombardo, Daniels, and Moss. They are attempting to collect a debt on my husband. Its a total scam, DO NOT fall for it.

I have studied consumer law and the BIGGEST RED FLAG is if they collector refused to provide documentation of proof of the debt they are trying to collect. This is law that if anyone is trying to collect a debt and you request proof and they refuse, it is a scam. Any legitimate debt collector must provide it, without hesitation. This person says that they are not a "debt collector" and as a law firm they don't have to follow that law. This is NOT TRUE! They can call themselves whatever they want, they must follow the law!

She claims that because we are refusing to pay, she will be filing criminal charges with our county district court. I told her go ahead, Ill be happy to call the court house and get the documentation that way. That is when she cussed at me, told me I better be prepared to visit my husband in jail, and that she "didn't give a d**n about your family". That is when I told her I was recording the phone call and what she was saying. That's when I got hung up on! I seriously got a good laugh.

I tried to call her back to find out exactly when she planned to "file criminal charges" on my husband. She refused to answer and told me if I called her again she would file phone harassment charges on me. I told her go ahead, as I was recording this call too, again I was hung up on.

Its funny, when you call this supposed law firm, no matter what department you attempt to reach, the same person answers the call. and they have no website, no actual physical address, not registered in North Carolina as a law firm. I get such a kick out of pissing these idiots off.

- Ronda

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[Reply] May 14, 2015

complete bullshit scam and when you threaten to report them they get violent and went as far as screaming racist remarks.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] September 11, 2015

Caller name: 716-906-4298

Type Cell Number
Company Leap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm
City Williamsville, NY
County Ottawa
Country United States
Lombardo, Daniels, and Moss. SCAM
I called the # and right off the back No company name at all ,.they just said Yea hello ..I said who is this ! What Company is this !!! he said the name above I asked to speak to someone about a customer complaint and he hung up DEFF A BI LLING SCAM .... CHECK YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS FOR LOMBARDO DANIELS NC WITH A NY AREA CODE OF 716- 906-4298

- Anonymous
New Jersey

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[Reply] April 9, 2016

Caller name: Lombardo, Daniels, and Moss

I have been receiving multiple calls from this outfit and I have called multiple times to tell them they have the wrong number! We have owned this number for 35 years and no one by the name of Lacy Tjarks lives her or has ever lived here. We live in a small town and i believe she lives at the same address as us except we live at East and she lives at West. I have told them that. They continue to fill our answering machine with messages. I call with the case number and tell them to take our number off but I still get the calls. My husband has a business that requires us to have an available answering machine but it is constantly filled with these messages in error. When i called the last time they hung up on me multiple times. The rude woman said our number has been removed and yet I still get these calls. I want to contact an attorney but hate to go to the expense.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] September 28, 2016

Caller name: lombardo, daniels and moss

i paid them 3/20/15 now i can not find them. i have another calling me saying i owe. the debit has been paid to lombardo, daniels and moss located in charlotte north carolina. if anyone knows how to find them please respond.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] October 3, 2016

Caller name: 877-211-9342

they have called my mother-in-law numerous times saying they are going to report my husband to the D.A. i called them back and they said they are not a law firm but they have a legal department. i started questioning them and they got aggrevated with me and then threatened to scam my dad next. i heard another lady in the background yell noooo! and then they hung up on me.pow

- Anonymous

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[Reply] January 1, 2017

Caller name: 8772119342

I was contacted in December. I believe it's the same person that called 2 summers ago as someone else. The man has a very deep voice. They always call my elderly parents about me too. My Mom has Alzheimers so it's upsetting. Why doesn't someone stop this? They should be in jail.

- JJ

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[Reply] January 5, 2017

Caller name: Lombardo daniel and moss

Have been calling and calling....even called my neighbor. This is too much. I am shocked. Is this punishable by law?

- Anonymous

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[Reply] February 17, 2017

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