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Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

I got a call from someone claiming to be citibank asking for information over the phone. While I had recently applied for their 2% credit card, I did not trust this and was given a direct call in number.

When I called this number I got a machine that immediately ask for my nine midget Social Security number. I don't know about you but this just isn't even going to happen.

This really looks like a phishing operation to me.

- Bug Man

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[Reply]   May 6, 2017

Caller name: CitiBank

Caller type: Unknown

Caller left a message with a "reference number" and "security code number" stating that someone was trying to open a credit card in my name and they needed me to verfiy that it was me. I copied down the exact numbers that they had provided in the message. Low and behold, when I gave it to the person, they said that I was a digit or so short and that I would have to provide my name, phone number, address, and birthdate. Or they could trace it if I provided my social security numbers.

I don't think so.

I told them that I did not try to open a CitiBank credit card and if they proceed it's on them.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   May 29, 2017

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

I was originally called from the phone number of 423-467-6460 from
Johnson City, TN which left a message on my phone stating that they were from Citibank needed to contact me to finish processing my credit card application. They left me a case number to refer to and the number 1 (888) 201-4523 to call. I was suspicious and googled the above number and the first page on Google makes it look like a legit Citibank number. The second page is where you find it may be a scam. Armed with this knowledge, I called the number and it asked for my case number, social security number or taxpayer ID. Since the case number was something they have me, I entered that. It didn't work and the recording then asked for one of the three numbers again. I again entered the case number which didn't work. The phone then rang and was answered by a lady who said she was from Citibank credit card applications. She sounded professional and there were even call center sounds in the background. I told her I had gotten the message about applying for a card and gave her my case number. She then asked for some personal information to verify my identity and I told her to look me up using her case number. She said she needed my name and address to verify it was me. I then told her it was a scam and hung up.

- Mike

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[Reply]   March 12, 2016

Caller name: Citi Bank

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

Relatively convincing. Said it was a recorded line. The beep partially masked the "Citi calll center" identification. Asked for a specific person in our household. Person was articulate and professional. They refused to talk to me. We called the number on the back of the Citi card and they said it wasn't them. Thats when I looked up this number.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   October 30, 2018

Caller name: Citi Bank

Caller type: Unknown

My dad got a call from this number looking for me about an application that I completed; the phone number that they called is not listed anywhere on my current Citi account, nor has it ever been a listed phone number for me. Scam for sure.
I called the actual Citi customer service phone number and the first thing they ask for is your card number, not your social security number.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   April 13, 2018

Caller name: Citi Bank

Caller type: Unknown

Fyi, this phone number is actually on their website. https://online.citi.com/US/JRS/pands/detail.do?ID=AOApplicationStatus

- Ronnie

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[Reply]   October 26, 2017

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

Called and left me a message about a Double Rewards card application which I did not apply for. Claimed they were Citibank application processing center. Knew it was a scam when she asked for my 9 digit SS#. I refused and she then asked for my name and address along with date of birth, again I refused and asked to be connected to their Fraud Department. She then gave me 866-771-3354 which I called and got a recording that it in fact was Citibank Fraud Department and to call back between 9:00 and 5:30 EST.

- Mike2

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[Reply]   September 22, 2016

Caller name: Citi Bank

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

Caller left a message with a "reference number" and "security code number" stating that they needed more information to complete my application for a credit card. Different person left message 3 hours later and different again 4 hours later. Seemed like whoever it was was quite anxious to get ahold of me.
I had recently applied for a card so it was plausible, but looked up the number here first.
Maybe CitiBank has a leak, as others mentioned below or maybe the scammers just got lucky.
I didn't call back.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   June 6, 2019

Caller name: Citi Bank

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

received a letter saying more info was needed to process the 2% cash back card I had applied for so called this number and was asked for soc sec and then was transferred but no one answered but just kept repeating they were busy to hold.
This is upsetting to say the least as had gotten this application from Citibank and never did hear back from them! so is this someone from Citibank conducting this scam??

- no name
New York

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[Reply]   May 31, 2018

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