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Around 54% of people reported it as "Unknown". You are the 10th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 11 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "7th Avenue Online-Catalog Shopping, Nothing".

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Caller name: Ann Becker

I receive one phone call every morning of the week day from this number. Each time I answer the phone, the person on the line asks for someone by the name Debbie. I explained to them that they have the wrong number, no one by the name Debbie lives/works at this address. They apologized and told me that would remove my number from their record. Since then, I go through the same thing nearly every morning. This number has called me repeatedly since June and it's now October. EVERY SINGLE MORNING. It doesn't matter how many times I tell them, they continue to call and it's someone different on the line each time. If I choose not to answer the phone, an automated recording leaves a message on my voicemail. The message says something like, "Hello, this is Ann Becker calling. I have an important message for you. Please call me back at 877-998-4494." I'm tired of this and I want to take action against this company to inforce them to remove my number from their calling list.

- Brandon
United States

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[Reply] October 10, 2013

Caller name: Ann Becker

They continue to call my work.

- S Smith

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[Reply] January 12, 2015

Caller name: Robo- Call

Robo-calls several time daily, leaving me a number with the message "I have some very important information for you" but will not identify who they are. This has been going on for two months.

- Becky

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[Reply] February 25, 2015

Caller name: Nothing

I get this phone call at least 3-4 times a day!! They NEVER!!! Leave a message!! It's annoying!!

- Dawn Santiago

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[Reply] April 30, 2015

Caller said my warranty had expired on my vehichle. I dont have a vehicle in my name

- Anonymous

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[Reply] February 28, 2017

Caller name: Some out sourced call rep

I am having they exact same issue. My caller id says "7th Avenue Credit" . They call everyday and have done so for months. I was recently laid off and now it has become an annoyance. I also answer everyday and they also ask for someone I am not. Once I tell them, they ask if I know said person. I say "No" and ask to be taken off the list.; of course I am not. I called the number back today and they couldn't find me or my phone number in the system. I was instructed to answer the next time they call and ask to speak to a supervisor... hmmmmm

- Anonymous

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[Reply] October 14, 2013

Caller name: not identified

I just got the number which they called me on, and missed the call. When I called them back they said they were Seventh Avenue and asked if I was a customer. I said no, and that was the end of the conversation, but I decided to note it here in case they keep calling.

- Sam

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[Reply] September 3, 2014

Caller name: ann becker

I had a few phone messages from these jerks last March, then they stopped for several months. Now they're back at it - three days in a row so far. I never answer the phone, but let it go to voice mail, where an "Ann Becker" says she's calling from "7th Avenue" (whatever - never heard of them, much less have any dealings with them) and she has an "important" message for me. Yeah, I just bet.

Here's a message for you, "Ann": quit calling random people and harassing them!! Get a real job--

- j
United States

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[Reply] October 17, 2014

Caller name: 7th Avenue Online-Catalog Shopping

This number is for 7th Avenue online shopping/catalog shopping.

- Another call

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[Reply] April 19, 2017

877 998 4494..calls daily. No MESSAGE. Very very frustrating. I block this nbr DAILY! Why don't they leave valid name, etc. If it is a legitimate company?

- Bernadette

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[Reply] May 18, 2017

Caller name: ann becker

This number calls me in the evening. It is collections for swiss colony or 7th avenue. They are bugging me for payments. They call to the point of harassment. I want them to stop! Im wondering if I write a letter to them if they will stop bugging me for payments.

- anonymous

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[Reply] April 3, 2014

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