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Phone number: 877-995-7652 The number is a Toll Free number

Around 45% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 15th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 22 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Veteran Benefit Service Office, didn't say"

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A female called re: "HARP- mortgage rate reduction" I do not remember a name. I told her I was not interested. No number showed up on caller ID. 3 or 4 minutes later I received an automated call re: the same thing. This number was on caller ID: 877-995-7652

Reported 9th, Aug. 2012.

Bogus robodial call.

The caller was identified as HARP Mortgage
Reported 25th, Aug. 2012.

1st- the caller says he is from "HARP". "who is HARP I ask... "Homeowners assistance refinance program" he replies. I asked him for his phone # and he stated using the word "Their" phone # is 877-995-7652. I asked him how he got my first & last name and also my phone # as it is on the Do Not Call List. He hung up ! SCAMMER ! I called the FTC, FCC and the State Attorney Generals office.

Reported 11th, Sep. 2012.

Also, I asked him the name of his company and he said it was Direct Rate Reduction Services and that HARP is a federal government program. Originally he said he was from Harp and under further questioning he provides Direct Rate.

The caller was identified as Direct Rate Reduction Services/Harp
Reported 11th, Sep. 2012.

Keep calling my CELL phone + my land line. I want these calls STOPPED immediately. If they are realy HARP, then they would properly identify themselves and/or leave messages. This can't be legitimate government call. Govt personnel are not supposed to be secretive regarding their phone calls UNLESS they are on CLASSIFIED lines.

The caller was identified as UNKNOWN
Reported 27th, Mar. 2013.
Ronnie Mund

He was on his way to the block party when he got in a fight out.. I mean fire out.

The caller was identified as Ronnie The Limo Driver
Reported 29th, Mar. 2013.

Claimed something about the veterans benefit program. I asked him if he was a fed, but then he got defensive and accused me of preventing other vets from getting service.

His job is only to "provide information."

The caller was identified as Orlando Chavez
Reported 11th, Apr. 2013.
Steve J

Got a call on my Cell from this number but did not answer. And thanks to the good folks reporting on here I'm glad I didn't.
I have a special contact group in my cell phone for these numbers.
It's called "DO NOT ANSWER"

Reported 12th, Apr. 2013.

This number continuously calls me during the day (I am a school teacher) and when I call back, no one answers and the line disconnects after a few minutes of "hold music." Is there any way to stop these calls from happening? I don't ever answer because I have class going on when they call, but I want them to LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Reported 30th, Apr. 2013.
Don B.

could hear stuff going on in background but no one would ever speak. i said hello several times.

The caller was identified as Toll Free Caller
Reported 14th, May. 2013.

Call and hang up... WTF are they calling me cell phone? How they even get my number??

Reported 21st, May. 2013.

rings about 10 times a day. If I answer, there's never anyone on the other end.

Reported 21st, Jun. 2013.

Always calls at evenings and around lunch, OUR PHONE IS

The caller was identified as CREDIT CARD SERVICES
Reported 23rd, Sep. 2013.

Claimed to be a company named "UVR" and wanted to discuss my VA loan. I told them I didn't have a VA loan and she said that they must have incorrect information and would update their records. I've gotten calls like this before.

The caller was identified as Didn't say
Reported 13th, Oct. 2013.

I have a non-published number! I figured it was a telemarketer so I didn't even answer.

Reported 23rd, Oct. 2013.

This number called my cell phone that is on the Do Not Call list. Caller asked for me by my maiden name, that I haven't used in 5+ years. When I asked what this call was regarding he said "shut the f**k up" - I hung up.

Reported 19th, Mar. 2014.

always calls me at 8 a.m. in the morning, i have a DO NOT CALL list number and work at nights. I think its ridiculous these people get away with interrupting my sleep schedule for advertisement.

Reported 4th, Apr. 2014.

They keep calling me and dont leave a message. I did call back and somehow when the person answered they said is this Mr. F , knowing me by name, before I even spoke a word. Mortgage rate reduction company. I did not ask for this solicitation. They call several times per day. I don't answer and they dont leave a message. Want them to stop bugging me.

The caller was identified as None
Reported 10th, Apr. 2014.

I get this number calling a couple of times a week. They never say anything, robo or otherwise.

Reported 18th, Apr. 2014.

have called numerous times, no message, on do not call list but that doesn't help Annoying

The caller was identified as none
Reported 22nd, Apr. 2014.
ticked off

1. received a call on my cell phone from 877-995-7652.
2. answered call, said hello three times, nothing - about 3-4 seconds later - click.
3. I called the number (877-995-7652), the guy answers by saying hello Mr. _____!
He knew my name.......when I called him...then tried to be Mr. Helpful with his qualification scheme..

Tried to say that they are qualifying veterans for a new veterans program for those that qualify. Wanted to verify my info, etc. I stopped him trying to corner him into revealing who they are, he tried to act like they were an advocacy group to help veterans. Blah blah, get me a supervisor. She gave me a line, I gave her the business. Sheeventually admitted they are a refince company - jeez people. Get a real job...stop bugging the middle class

The caller was identified as didn't say
Reported 23rd, Apr. 2014.

A female voice asked for the female homeowners name. I asked who was calling. They responded "Veterans Benefit Service Office" regarding our VA loan at our address. This was a day after "Jason" called asking for male homeowners name stating the same as above. The call back number provided was 877-995-7652 Caller Id from today was (603) 637- 1710 "Bedford NH" Called the Official VA Office number (8778273702) and CONFIRMED it was a SCAM - VA stated they are trying to stop the callers - but they always find a loophole

The caller was identified as Veteran Benefit Service Office
Reported 28th, Aug. 2015.
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