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Around 36% of people reported it as "Unknown". You are the 5th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 11 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "Call center, none".

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Said he worked for AT&T. Sounded like a scam, though he did know just a few elements about our particular mobile phone account and number of phones, etc.

Hung up on him. Untrusted. Seems scam-ish. 11MAR2015 11:24AM CDT.

- Concerned call recipient

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[Reply] March 11, 2015

Caller name: Various Different Callers

This number and couple others have been calling for 3 weeks 10-20 times daily. I'm getting fed up with them any more I just cuss their asses out as it is very annoying. Getting tired of them harassing me.

- Michael Waddell

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[Reply] November 11, 2013

Caller name: Mutual Consolidated Foundation

A Google search turned up this company, checking the website it's a one stop for debt reduction, refinancing mortgages etc. Digging deeper, the website is nothing more than a single page, created Feb 2013, all links are non-function (execpt the login page) and browsing the main page the site is linked to is nothing more than a generic IIS startup page stating the site is under construction.

- anonymouse

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[Reply] June 19, 2013

Caller name: Tim Robertson

Tim Robertson or Robeson, said he was calling about my AT&T wireless account. Left a voicemail, wanted me to call him. He sounded like a douchebag so I came here to check-up and report.

- D.E. Larson

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[Reply] April 30, 2014

Derek called, said he was calling on behalf of AT&T and had my account on his desk and had some good news that he would share when I called him back. I didn't call back.

- John

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[Reply] August 18, 2015

Don't know who these people are, but don't trust them. Their first call to me was people laughing and talking on the background. When I finally said hello loud enough for them to hear, the young man asked me if I was enjoying my "Black Panther party". After trying for a minute to make sense of his call, I hung up. One minute later another young man called Mike tried to get me to switch some things on my plan. I became suicious and hung up to check. The numbers were exactly the same. I called them, got another young mN named Shane, who assured me that this was unprofessional and he would put me through to "that side of the building". They may be legit, but I would NEVER do business with them again.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] August 18, 2015

John called twice, stating he worked for AT&T and wanted to discuss some changes happening on my business account. Some of the things he said really sent of a red flag. If you work for AT&T, why are you badmouthing their service? Asked him to not call again.

- Becky

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[Reply] July 16, 2015

Caller name: Call center

Unsolicited call.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] April 4, 2017

Caller name: AT&T Solution Provider

I found out that this company is a real AT&T Affiliate! They are contracted with AT&T directly and just like walking into a store, they can help me with any problem I have with my account! They even found me a HUGE savings that my "dedicated" AT&T rep didn't even mention! I will definately work with my personal solution provider rep from here out! She was so helpful and really cared about my small business. Thank goodness AT&T finally gave me a reason to stay!

- Happy AT&T customer

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[Reply] August 12, 2014

Caller name: Tim Robison

Tim Helped me save $164 dollars on my AT&T account! He also helped me determine what the best plan was with me and how my carrier could work for me!

- Anonymous

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[Reply] June 17, 2014

Caller name: att@t

They said they are with at&t trying to get me to switch my plan.

- nichole

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[Reply] March 4, 2014

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