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Phone number: 877-355-1276 The number is a Toll Free number

Around 42% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 38th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 14 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "optum rx, 1-800 Service"

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I have been getting 2-3 calls a day from this number. I do not pick up the phone.

The caller was identified as 800 Service
Reported 28th, Oct. 2013.

The caller was identified as 800 Service
Reported 12th, Jun. 2014.

Beware!! Claiming to be from a mail order pharmacy that we use. Said that I had a prescription that needed to be refilled and wanted to "verify" my date of birth. Since I did not initiate the call, I refused to give them any personal information. Also, the telephone exchange number used is not listed on my insurance card.

The caller was identified as Unavailable
Reported 30th, Sep. 2014.

Received a call on 10/25/14 and again on 10/27/14 and caller identified herself as rep from OptumRX, our prescription service. She said there were two prescriptions that were available for refills (which was not true) and she needed our credit card number in order to ship them out right away. Today, 10/28, I called OptumRX and just as I thought, there was no record in our file that any calls had been made to us. I spoke with a supervisor and asked if OptumRX had been hacked and she said not to her knowledge. My question: How did the caller get our contact information and how did they have information on the two prescriptions in our file?

Reported 28th, Oct. 2014.


Reported 12th, Dec. 2014.

Received a call on 12/15/2014. Caller asked for my spouse and said he was from "the healthcare company". I asked which healthcare company and he said United Healthcare. I asked for his number to call him back and he replied, "Its on the back of the card, 877-355-1276." That is not the number on the back of the UHC card. He told me we should ask for Charles.

Reported 15th, Dec. 2014.

Said I had prescriptions ready at Optium RX. asked if I had a pharmacy locally that I use. I said yes, but had no orders ready now. Foreign accent. Did not give out any information to him.

Reported 21st, Dec. 2014.
Mary Ann Sawka OFarrell

I just dialed this number and spoke to a representative from Optum RX or so she said. She knew alot about my account. I told her that the phone # 877-355-1276 is being reported as a scam on the internet !!! She spoke over me and wanted to verify who I was and I said I'm trying to v erify who the heck YOU are !! lol. I'm not sure just what is going on. I am now going to call Optum RX on another # and see what I am told. The rep from Optum RX tried to downplay this problem but I was insistant about him realizing that this is a problem on his end and someone should really look into this. When I told him other complantants said they even knew what their medicines were he kind of went quiet. Well thats all I can tell you about this scam phone call which is 1 of many I and alot of people get everyday. I hope there is something that can be done such as a code word for each company so you know they are who they say they are. Feel like I'm in the CIA ! lol

The caller was identified as 1-800 Service
Reported 2nd, Feb. 2015.

Just called me today, which is a Saturday (2/7/15), and they left message saying I had prescription to be refilled

Reported 7th, Feb. 2015.

Called asking for birthdate and zip code to fill perscriptions. When questioned why they were calling again (received call from real Optum RX earlier) they said their computer was down and would call back.

Reported 20th, Mar. 2015.

These guys called my cell and asked for a woman who rents a room in my house. They said they were from OptumRX, "her healthcare company". There's no way she ever gave them my cell # (no way she gave anyone my cell #, it's creepy). They knew she had United Healthcare. I did not find out what they wanted other than that they wanted her to call them at 877-355-1276. I'm pretty sure there's a HIPAA violation here....

Reported 6th, May. 2015.

Left a message. I did check the number on the Internet. It was not a # I know.

Reported 22nd, Aug. 2015.
Senior Citizen

This number called re UHC Prescriptions and wanted to verify my husband's date of birth, zip code, etc...
I asked him to give me the date of birth they show on file...they refused and I terminated the call.

Reported 16th, Oct. 2015.

Caller said she was from optum rx regarding a prescription renewal to be shipped to me and asked for my birthday and zip code. It didn't make sense that optum rx would call for this info. I hung up. Do the same.

The caller was identified as optum rx
Reported 6th, Nov. 2015.

Asked for my credit card # and said she was my friend doubtful I said who is my best friend she then hung up the phone
Total scam

Reported 5th, Dec. 2015.
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