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Around 40% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster". You are the 4th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 10 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "18772072002, Dean Graziosi".

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Caller name: Dean Graziosi

I too attended the real estate seminar a couple of weeks ago, but declined their offer to purchase their "education" program valued at $2000. They did not and would not provide a tax receipt for this education and training purpose.

Do not fall for their 50 first callers that get a tablet as well. Its fake and not real!

- Miace

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[Reply] January 29, 2014

Caller name: Worker Troll Nick

They want 2 grand to get you started. They have all these properties that are flood damaged that no one wants to buy. They tell you about how your gonna make all this money but good luck selling houses that no one wants to buy. Dean Graziosi is not a real person! He is an imaginary mythological Troll that lies constantly and takes your money, him and his worker trolls are scammers.

- Tony

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[Reply] November 1, 2013

Won't stop calling and won't leave voicemail.

- Benny

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[Reply] February 18, 2014

I attended a real estate seminar a couple of weeks ago. I did not wish to participate in their offer. I received numerous calls from this number after the seminar, never receiving a voice mail. I finally answered, as I don't usually answer numbers I don't know. It was a follow up call from the seminar, I told them I was not interested. This number is still calling me...............they need to stop

- Cindy

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[Reply] May 20, 2013

Caller name: Dean Graziosi - CallerCenter.com


- Robert

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[Reply] August 10, 2013

I attended a free real estate education seminar two weeks ago and have been getting calls from scammers wanting money for the next level of education. I've yet to know anyone personally that has made money with these people, other than testimonials.

I call back and listen to their classical music as I am placed on hold and when the next service agent (scammer) answers, I say in an Indian accent: "Hello, how are you, the Monsoon season is just approaching us, please wait for the next available sucker as I place you on hold." I then put my cell on mute and tie up their line.

I've told them to stop and it appears that my number is on some automatic dial back and a battery of scammer agents picks up when it's your turn.

My advice, call them back and place them on hold in order to tie up their lines.

- Francisco

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[Reply] October 4, 2014

I left my phone at home, so I didn't answer it. I also attended the (free) real estate seminar a few weeks ago. I did not sign up for the 3 days, $2000 seminar. The short seminar I attended was a brainwash style, using high pressure sales technique to try to get people to sign on the spot to the 3 days seminar. When we came home we reasearched this scam, and the next step is that they are brainwashing those poor suckers the go to the 3 days, into signing to a $40,000 (FORTY THOUSAND US DOLLARS) seminar in Las Vegas. People have gone bankrupt thanks to those "financial education" seminars. The sad thing is that it is all legal, because while they make it sound like they are going to fund your investments, all they PROMISE is financial education and they are providing it (the hard way...), so I legal action against them would be difficult to win... BTW, I won an iPad Mini in that seminar, AND didn't fall for their scam (well, my husband was there and he made sure o don't), so we are feeling great about it!

- Lily

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[Reply] October 6, 2014

I called the number back and it tells you to hold for the next available operator (without saying what company you are calling). A man came on the line next and began asking how I was doing. After some back and forth he finally said that he was with the Dean Graziosi Real Estate Investment Group. These are the people you see on TV scamming to sign up people for their FREE classes which they want you to pay $2k for.

- Anonymous
United States

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[Reply] April 26, 2013

Stop these calls!!!

- Anonymous
New York

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[Reply] January 3, 2014
In response to: sophie

my story is the same with "yaya" who also complain. i receive sms from 241019572444 and said, CALL ME NOW PLZ in 0037168899825

Caller name: Dean Graziosi

I got several calls on my land line and cell. They do not leave a message. I went to a free seminar a couple of weeks ago. This is not a scam by any means. It is a terrific real estate marketing program FOR THE RIGHT PERSON. If you are the right person you have already looked into it and maybe have signed up by now. They are a little too pushy though for the average Joe (or Joanne) who is not inclined toward real estate investments or who is not a go-getter.

- Raymond
Rhode Island

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[Reply] May 14, 2013

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