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  Publishers Clearing House
  Zack Greenberg
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  David Washington/Jamaican Scammer
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Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

I received a call from this number and did not answer as I figured it was a scammer. Please add this to your report.

- Jane Doe

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[Reply]   July 10, 2019

Caller name: Mr. Lucky

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

This loser contacted my phone told me that I won 2.8 million from PCH. Told me to go to my nearest bank withdrawl 399 dollars to pay the 1% state tax on this untaxed winning and that it was the state law. Once I did this he told me to report to the nearest CVS purchase the money green card for 399 dollars and that he would stay on the phone with me until I saw the white in the attorneys eyes at my home. I looked at the card and saw it was a scratch off and soon realized that it was a SCAM. I asked him if he needed the scratch off number and he said yes that he needed to put the number on the check that the attorney would be giving me. After that we would go to the bank together and receive my millions! PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS....THIS IS BULLSHIT. btw. I called the number back on a different phone and the guy with the fake "old man" accent answered the phone and pretended to be the PCH. PLEASE BE AWARE!!

- Annonymous

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[Reply]   February 5, 2014

Caller name: David Washington

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

Caller stated I have won a prize of 5 Mil.
Wanted me to go to CVS and get a green dot card.
I indicated that I only had cash and checks.
David ask Me to send a check to the following address.
2931 Ashlet Dr. W.
Apt. H , West Palm Beach, Fla 33415
This is owned by Lerraine M. Levender

- Clarence
South Carolina

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[Reply]   January 24, 2014

Caller name: Zack

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

I was told I won 2.5 million and a Mercedes, they wanted me to go to CVS and purchase a card for $399. I asked him if he thought I was an idiot

- Carol

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[Reply]   November 27, 2013
In response to:

I received a text saying the following
"You are Irelands's winner. Your phone number has been chosen to recieve a prize. Go to http://www.apple.ie.thecontest.info to claim now."

I think that this is spam, bad spelling gives it away. I am also unsure how they got my number!

Caller name: Zack Greenberg

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

Fraud got very upset when I started reading the PCH website on scams and hung up.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   November 25, 2013

Caller name: David Washington/Jamaican Scammer

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

He called and said that he was with Publisher Clearing House and I had won 4.5 million dollars. In order to claim my prize I needed to go to Walmart and purchase a money card for $299 for the taxes. As soon as I gave him the information regarding the card purchase, the prize team who is waiting at hotel he named (it isn't opened yet, newly constructed) would meet me in the parking lot at Walmart. He swore on his Bible that is wasn't a scam...uh, huh...Don't fall for this scammer.
Jamaican Scam Artist, Beware.

- Amy

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[Reply]   March 22, 2013

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