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Around 33% of people reported it as "Collection Agency". You are the 27th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 12 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "stephen and michaels, None given".

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Caller name: Paige

Asked to speak with my husband, then demanded his cell phone number. When I told he I could not release that information, she asked me to take a message. She gave her name and telephone number.

She was quite abrupt. Do not know what she wants.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] December 14, 2011


- babama
United States

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[Reply] December 14, 2011

Caller name: Collection Agency Stephens & Michaels Associates, Inc.

they are calling me about a debt which is over 8 years old. I'm not paying that.

These guys are clowns, in my state the debt expires after 7 years, so they're just shooting in the dark trying to get me to pay something I don't really have to pay back.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] December 7, 2011

Caller name: Free Call Toll

They disrupt the peace and quiet of my home. I feel violated by their rude behavior, lies (we are not who they are looking for) but they relentlessly persist. I tried to be civil with the phone person. ..this a job...but this person relished their job....forget being nice...don't bother to answer the unknown person/number.

- Dayton

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[Reply] June 26, 2015

they also called but it wasn't for me. Thanks for posting the info this site is pretty neat

- Anonymous

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[Reply] December 7, 2011

Caller name: stephen and michaels

just a fly by night, unlicensed, unregulated collection agency working out of somebody's garage. tried to collect a 14 year old credit card debt. called before 9:00 am so i threatened to sue them for 1000.00 for harassment. they won't call me back to be sure. attack them when they call. put them on the defensive. they didn't loan me the money. some bank did and got reimbursed by the govt. do not pay any debt older than 7 years. they can do nothing.

- obama

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[Reply] February 23, 2016

Caller name: Stevens and Michaels

Call me did not leave a message. I returned the call, as I was expecting one from a prospective employee from there current job which happened to be a toll free number and I had indicated that I would make myself available to take it.

The woman was very direct I would not necessarily say rude she did provide the name of the company and said who she was looking for then started pressing me I just let her talk to herself as I do with all telemarketers - I don't hang up is that would be rude usually they know everything that they want to say and are h**l bent on doing it so I just let them but I don't listen I set the phone usua and eventually they talk themselves out and hang up.

if a debt is legitimate and you fallen on hard times try to settle 2-3 years later for a fraction of the original amount. if not blow them off this happens a lot with medical bills where someone has indicated that they will pay and then drag their feet - as in my case (going on two years now).

s***w them it is all a big game and they play to win the way I see it they can wait for their money and if they can't then let them go after someone who actually has it otherwise whenever my lawsuit is settled, I'll take care of it myself.

Btw, this happens routinely with the Veterans Administration when they said about work and then don't pay contractors for a year or more. Anyone who pays that bill just to stop the calls, is an idiot and deserves the loss of money that it cost them.

You just have to know how to treat them like the scum of the earth that they are...I don't fault someone who works in collections I did it myself for a time but I refused to abuse the clients and I left in less than a year while I still had my sanity and while I still had my sanity and integrity.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] July 27, 2015

Caller name: Mystiffied

DO NOT PICK UP!!! Why would anyone answer an unknown long distance number??? And NEVER call back! If you do, you are "doomed" to repeated calls. NEVER engage them in conversation OR ask to be "removed"! That will put you on a list of "good numbers" they can sell every other illegal caller so they can call you, too.

VOIP internet phone service allows scammers all over the world to call us using a "spoofed" (fake) caller I.D.s If you block one number they will just "spoof" another one. Many are in a foreign country. Just ignore them!!! And don't use your name on answering machine or voicemail. Just use your phone number.

Expensive call-blockers will not stop them (new "spoofed" numbers). Reporting them to the gov't. will not stop them (foreign soil). And asking them to be removed only makes it WORSE. It's an epidemic...anyone have an answer?

- Anonymous

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[Reply] September 26, 2013

Caller name: None given

I called back this number as I just missed the call . A woman answered I can't say she was rude , she just made no sence . I was asked my name when I I.d myself , she kept asking the same question repeatedly on address. If it was a debt , they should say so and give you the opportunity to respond ...either you are going to pay or not.
There is only one outstanding bill I have and that's Verizon . I spoke with someone before because I thought that bill to be wrong. The original debt was almost $300 .and at the time they kept adding on charges after I ended the service, until they said I owed them over $1200. At the time I was unemployed , when I could pay they wanted more , so I stopped trying to pay an ever growing bill off.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] February 2, 2016

Caller name: Stephens and Michael associates

For months I have tried to pay off a 4 year Verizon bill and realized most recently that what I was paying off wasn't even showing up on my credit report which struck me as odd so one day I did my research and decided to google their company and was led to a list of complaints as well as a report that they had a C+ grading on the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU which is horrible. Long story short they called my father in hopes of getting in touch with me and instead of being polite they were completely rude to my father and would not tell him who they were which is very unprofessional!! I have decided to block their number and will not do business with scam artists!!

- Anonymous
New York

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[Reply] July 6, 2015

Caller name: Stephenson Michael

Two weeks after a California judge ruled that early termination fees on cell phone contracts were unconstitutional, I went to cancel my cell service with Verizon.

The plan I had was $99 a month, and they had been charging me $217 a month even though I didn't use the phone (it was locked in a glove box for emergencies). This was bullshit, and was the reason why I cancelled. They said that in order to cancel my service I would have to pay a $370 cancellation fee.

I bantered with them for weeks trying to find a solution and they did not help. So I threw the cell phone away and stopped paying the bill. This was 10 years ago.

Stephenson & Michaels calls the house 4 times a day, every day, for the last 3 months, trying to collect on a $1200 bill from ten years ago that isn't even on my credit anymore (790 woot!). So both S&M and Verizon can sod off.

Be real rude to these folks when they call.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] December 10, 2012

I like how proud you are that you don't pay back your debts. Freaking loser...

- shudap

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[Reply] December 7, 2011

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