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Phone number: 864-990-1873 is located in Greenville, South Carolina.

Its exchange 990 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -.
The number is currently on switch number GNVLSCDBDS3.
Around 66% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 3rd person to search for it here.The number has a total of 6 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Cancer Fund, Cancer Fund "

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had this number on my caller ID this morning. What's this all about anyways?

Reported 30th, Dec. 2011. | Complain this number

Received 2 calls this morning from this number - left no message

Reported 3rd, Jan. 2012. | Complain this number

I received a call from the above number at 8:11 AM on the morning of March 6, 2012. I happened to be out but there was only a "blip" on the answering machine, no message.
First of all 8:11 AM is TOO EARLY FOR A SOLICITATION CALL! Or any other type call for that matter that doesn't involve a family member, friend, or work/medical/dental. TOO EARLY!!!
Secondly, why call if not planning to leave a message. My wife and I always look at caller ID and we NEVER EVER answer a call unless we know the caller. It's disgusting to constantly receive calls like this, many of them "robo-calls" as well. I don't like it, I don't pay for the phone to have this happen, and I wish to h**l something could be done about it. In 66 years I have never nor will I ever buy, give to, talk to, etc. etc. anyone, anything, anyplace, etc. etc. etc. based on a call dialed to my phone UNLESS I have previously left a message to call me. Never NEVERRRRR!!!!

The caller was identified as Cancer Fund
Reported 6th, Mar. 2012. | Complain this number

I just got a call from this number (well, actually from 864-990-1877, but this site shows that number at the same location and with the same exchange manager as this number), and they claimed to be from the Cancer Fund of America. That may be legitimate, however a Google search on that phrase didn't turn anything up in the top 10 results (except for this site), which leads me to believe it's a scam of some sort. I told her the person she asked for wasn't available, and she said there was no message. If they solicit for money, I would strongly encourage you not to donate without a lot more evidence of their validity.

The caller was identified as Cancer Fund
Reported 13th, Mar. 2012. | Complain this number

Called right at 9 a.m. - our third random telemarketer call this morning! - and did not leave a message when our machine picked up. I, too, will not answer a call if I don't recognize the number/name and I also feel this is too early in the morning to be harassing people. We're on the DNC list and I'll be reporting this number.

The caller was identified as Cancer Fund
Reported 30th, Mar. 2012. | Complain this number

I receive calls from this number frequently, sometimes as early as 7:50 AM!! I usually do not answer, but the other day I was half asleep and did pick up. They asked for a donation - $30.00. I said I'd do 5. They then proceeded to ask me to spell my name and address for them. THEN they asked for a credit card number and expiration date(To save on postage and processing fees)e...I don't think so. I told them I do not use credit cards and they could send me the donation card since they already have my information. Today I spoke w/ someone from the American Cancer Society and they were not familiar with this group and did not think their methods were consumer safe. If you want to donate to the American Cancer Society then go to their website or stop by and give them a check.

The caller was identified as Cancer Fund
Reported 19th, Apr. 2012. | Complain this number
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