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(856) 942-**** Phone Numbers

Near Collingswood, NJ
Issued by Netcarrier Telecom, Inc. - Nj

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 2000.

While 8569420536 was originally issued by the company above in the location mentioned, the owner of the phone number (856) 942-0536 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 50% of people reported it as "Telemarketer". You are the 6th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 2 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "on behalf of NJ State Law Enforcement Officers Association".

User Complaints for 856-942-0536

Caller name: on behalf of NJ State Law Enforcement Officers Association

Live fundraising solicitation call (856) 942-0536 recorded 27 February 2014 (Fundraising for NJ State Law Enforcement Officers Association...") TELEMARKETER
Caller ID: "Collingswood NJ"

This was a live donation solicitation call by a guy claiming to be "Dave Carter" on behalf of the "New Jersey State Law Enforcement Officers Association". Your local police almost always encourage you not to donate to phone solicitations claiming to benefit the police because most of any donation would go to the fund raiser for "administrative fees", and not to the charity. These calls are essentially disguised telemarketing calls to line the pockets of a private "fundraiser".

Also of note, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports "This Charity did not provide requested information. As a result, the Better Business Bureau cannot determine if it meets standards."
please see:
http://www.bbb.org/charity-reviews/wisconsin/ ... watosa-wi-23212

They haven't removed my number from their call list, now my attitude is not just to waste their time on the phone, but to actually cost them money. You will see in the following transcript that I agreed to make a donation, but I gave them totally fake ID and address complements of www.FakeNameGenerator.com

They'll pay postage to send me a pledge kit, then get it back from the Postal Service as undeliverable. Perhaps then they'll remove me.

Following is a transcript of this live fundraising solicitation call:

[me:] Hello? [several times, damned slow predictive dialer]
[they:] Hello?

[me:] Hello?
[they:] Good evening, this is Dave Carter calling for the New Jersey State Law Enforcement Officers Association. Ah sir, the reason for my call is the Association just kicked off their fund drive. As a paid fundraiser for residential programs we're sending out the brand new pledge kit and window decal to all supporting residents. Now the goal of the drive is to help provide financial assistance to the overall general welfare of the organization. Now sir, when you receive your pledge kit and decal, can the New Jersey State Law Enforcement Officers Association count on you for your support.

[me:] Uh, yes, most definitely.
[they:] Great, ok, well, we have some different amounts, um the top two spots for the drive are the Gold sponsor at $55, and the silver at 45. Which one's comfortable for you?

[me:] Uh, the police are very important, they've benefitted the community, I think I can go with the top.
[they:] Great, thank you so much for your support, sir. That will go an extremely long way to help them out. Now let me just ask, are you 100% comfortable with the $55 donation?

[me:] Well, you know, 55 doesn't sound like that much, especially when police officers put their life on the line. I'd like to up that.
[they:] Great.

[me:] I'd like to make a contribution of $75.
[they:] Now let me just ask, are you 100% comfortable with that amount?

[me:] Yes, I am.
[they:] Oh good, I'm glad to hear that. Outstanding. Now all I need to do is transfer you over to the records department so they can confirm your mailing address and get the pledge kit sent right out to ya. So please stay on the line.

[me:] Are we going to listen to music? [he did mention records department, lol]

[female voice:] Hi, this is [unintelligible] in the records department and I'm paid to make certain we have everything correct. First off I'd like to thank you on behalf of the New Jersey State Law Enforcement Officers Association for your generous pledge and for your receipt, how much will you be able to donate?

[me:] Uh, I will donate $75.sir
[female voice:] Allright, thank you sir. I just want to check if you're 100% comfortable with the $75 donation?

[me:] Oh gee, David just asked me that. Yes, I am.
[female voice:] Allright, thank you sir. Well I just want to check the name that you'd like to appear on your pledge kit, please.

[me:] *** I go on to furnish a 100% fake name and address, courtesy from www.FakeNameGenerator.com ***
[female voice:] uh hmm, ok...thank you. I just want to check your complete mailing address sir.

[me:] *** I provide a 100% fake address in Camden, NJ ***
[they:] Thank you. Do I need to add an apartment number or a box number with the address you have sir?

[me:] No, that goes right to our front stoop.
[they:] All right, thank you so much. We would like to inform you that in three to five days you will receive your pledge kit. Inside will be the official receipt of your $75 donation, a thank you letter and an empty return address envelope for you to send back your generous donation. All gifts and contributions to the organization are not tax deductible due to their non profit tax status. And by the way sir you will also receive a new active supporter decal along with your pledge kit. We'd like to actually thank you again sir for your time and your support and we value your help here. Hope you have a wonderful night, thank you and take care.

[me:] All right, thank you very much, and keep warm, it's pretty cold out there today, tonight
[they:] All right, thank you sir, you too. God bless.

[me:] Good bye.
[they:] Bye bye.

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- John of Lower Merion
New Jersey

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[Reply] February 28, 2014

they call 3 times a day

- Anonymous
New Jersey

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[Reply] February 17, 2014

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