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Time Warner

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Caller name: spectrum

Caller type: Unknown

Just received a call from 855-707-7328 claiming to be Spectrum stating I requested a change in my account and I needed to call if I had not requested a change.

- Anonymous
New York

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[Reply]   September 21, 2018

Caller type: Unknown

It is really Time Warner????
I found complaints stating this # called them. One said they called to say they updated their internet to faster speed free of charge & wanted to let them know. The person isn't even a spectrum user. Another complaint said they called to ask do you know why your cable isn't working. Cable doesn't do that either.

- retrte

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[Reply]   May 17, 2018

Caller name: Spectrum

Caller type: Unknown

said my spectrum service had been changed and I should confirm. In light of other messages here did not call back.

- Anonymous
New York

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[Reply]   December 8, 2018

Caller name: solutions plus/spectrum

Caller type: Unknown

On my Spectrum/Time Warner bill is this phone number to call if I have questions about my bills: (855-707-7328). I wanted to speak with Spectrum. The woman I spoke with, Mia, was trying to sell me a service for $99, for free charges when a technician has to come to my home to handle a technical problem. I explained to her that we already have that as a service and we don't pay for it. I kept asking to be connected to a Spectrum representative & she refused to do so. Finally she said that she was just going to sign me up. She asked for a Credit Card # and at that point I just hung up. I also called Spectrum & reported this issue, being that this phone number is associated with that company. Be aware, please.

- Lori

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[Reply]   November 23, 2018

Caller name: Spectrum

Caller type: Unknown

Called claiming to be Spectrum to let me know changes have been made to my account. If I did not authorize those changes I should call 855-707-7328. I logged in to my account and no changes have been made.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   October 24, 2018

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