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Around 42% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster". You are the 19th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 7 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "David Gray or Grey, April White".

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Called my number about documents. I am on "do not call list". Appears to be a scammer

- Anonymous

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[Reply] September 16, 2016

This person has been calling me and my family with social security numbers and other information. These collections are made up and they need to Goto jail

- Dan

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[Reply] September 20, 2016

Caller name: David Andrews

Received call, after applying for a free credit report...
This is a total SCAM...

- Anonymous

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[Reply] July 17, 2012

Caller name: April White

An unavailable number kept calling me last week and yesterday, then called my brother and friend (references I listed on an old payday loan) and said that I was going to be served papers to appear in court for writing fraudulent checks and attempting to defraud a financial institution. They knew a lot of information about me & had much of their information correct. Plus, they threw around the right jargon & sounded completely legit. This loan was made over two years ago! They said in their message to call this number, and when I did the recording said, "Welcome to Progressive." I immediately thought of the insurance company, but when an associate came on the line answering as April White, she immediately asked for a case number. I said, "Wait a minute. I want to know where I'm calling." She claims it's Progressive Litigation Firm. I've googled this number and the company...I'm coming up with NOTHING. She told me that the loan company attempted to withdraw funds from my account and because they couldn't, it's seen as the equivalent of me writing a fraudulent check across state lines and has now become a misdemeanor criminal offense. I mean, she went ON! Something didn't sit right with me. When I got off the phone, I called back, and when I pressed 0 for an associate, it was the same woman. She claimed she was speaking to attorneys while she put me on hold to see if they would agree to a settlement. I'm so sure! She spoke to NO ONE. She also claimed that the attorneys don't have any information about how many payments I'd already made on the loan. They should have this if they're supposedly ready to prosecute me. She wanted to know if I had the information because, of course, they're counting on you not being able to provide it. It's all scare tactics to get you to pay. Watch out for them! They are good at what they do!!!

- Jenny

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[Reply] July 17, 2012

Caller name: David Gray or Grey

Guy called for my co-worker who wasn't in the office. He went on with this long story about he was a process server from the state of Oregon and needed to serve her with a court summons unless she settled with the plaintiff (he didn't bother mentioning who the plaintiff was). He also mentioned she had fraudulent charges against her. he went on about how important it was for her to call him back, he was simply just trying to help her out. BLAH BLAH BLAH! I find it weird that when you call back the number it has a message about reaching the "progressive office", interesting I didn't think the state would have outsourced something like this to an out of state toll free number. Why was this guy giving me so much information about someone I work with? A little inappropriate if you ask me and extremely unprofessional. Watch out for them, they are just trying to steal information, more than they already have.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] July 20, 2012

OMG ME TOO!!! I thought it was a scam i told them to send me to court then they showed up at my job about a week later telling me that i have been served.... Dont play around with them! I should have paied them.

- Anonymous
South Carolina

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[Reply] July 23, 2012

received a call about this same company....after speaking with them I denied it...next thing I know about 2 days later I get documents to go to court......

- Anonymous
South Carolina

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[Reply] July 23, 2012

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