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Phone number: 850-479-9588 is located in Pensacola, Florida.

Its exchange 479 is managed by BELLSOUTH TELECOMM INC - FL.
The number is currently on switch number PNSCFLFPDS0.
Around 69% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 3rd person to search for it here.The number has a total of 13 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "prices right auto sakes, Darrin and Karen Sculley"

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Priced Right Auto Sales.. they turn into crooks if you are 2 seconds late on your payment. Their recovering techniques sound like extortion.

Think twice

Reported 28th, Oct. 2011. | Complain this number
P Kit

This place is run by dishonest people. Do not, repeat do not do business with these people. Darren and Caren Sculley. HYpocrites who prey on the weak

The caller was identified as Priced Right Auto Sales Pensacola
Reported 25th, Apr. 2012. | Complain this number

Priced Right Auto Sales owned and run by the Sculley gang-caren and darren sculley. if u want an overpriced piece of c**p and have it repoed by born again christians-this is ur place

The caller was identified as Darren Sculley
Reported 11th, May. 2012. | Complain this number

Ththis car lot is dishonest, the crooks will seel junk and not make it rite. beware of them

The caller was identified as H James
Reported 3rd, Sep. 2012. | Complain this number

this car lot is a fraud beware of any business with them they are dishonest and do not sell good cars

The caller was identified as darin?
Reported 7th, Jan. 2013. | Complain this number

bought car 4 months ago airbag mod & ECU shot costs more than the car worth god know what these people are doing & they will answer for it

The caller was identified as darin skully
Reported 18th, Apr. 2013. | Complain this number

me too i should have researched hidden oil leak and patch repairs. all this while smiling and claiming to love god. wow@!!!

The caller was identified as darrin skulley
Reported 29th, May. 2013. | Complain this number


This car was purchased from:: Priced Right Auto Sales, LLC
6317 Palafox St, Pensacola, FL 32503 ● (850) 479-9588

I put a down payment of 800.00 on a car I them paid an additional 290.00 and another 530.00 as of today’s date. The day I went to pick up the car The tire was Flat The gas tank was empty and the battery was dead , the car had to be jumped off twice before I even left the lot The owner said he would replace the battery (That has yet to be done ). The first night I had the car the driver side window stopped working I called the owner And was told that was a cosmetic problem and I would need to buy the part and have it fixed. The next day My car ran out of gas because to my surprise the gas gage also did not work so my car just stopped in the middle of the road in the late evening while I was by myself .. I once again called the owner of the lot where I was told again this was not a serious issue and I could pay someone to fix it if I wanted it fixed... A short time after that maybe a week I noticed a cracking popping noise when I hit the brakes and also noticed that there was a banging coming from underneath the car and at the gear shift , also 2nd gear began popping out of gear so I once again called the dealership and got nowhere I was told it was not a major issue or safety concern and if I wanted it fixed I could pay a mechanic to do it.. The Car then Sat for 8 days while I was out of town and when I drove it to work on Sunday June 16 2013 I heard a noise like a pop and my car sounded different had a very strong odor of Gas coming from the tail pipe it still sounds rough it sputters when I stop , the check engine light flashes on and off I seem to be losing gas the car continues to make a Knocking Rumbling sound and the odor when I drive it is a very strong gas smell. I called the owner of the lot once again still nothing he advised me to take it to a mechanic .. I advised I have had the car barley over a month and that I have had nothing but problems I have paid him over 1600.00 He refuses to offer me any help or solution to this I suggested putting me in another car and just transferring everything over He advised me that was not possible He refuses to come to any agreeable solution to this I feel as though I have been Fraudulently advised regarding information on the preexisting condition on this car and I do understand it is a used car however it should run longer than one day after buying it this is not the case with this car ..I also feel that the owner feels he has no liability in this matter and just wants to continue to collect money on a vehicle that does not work properly or safely . I am planning on perusing this issue with legal assistance if it continues to progress in this manner .

The caller was identified as PRICED RIGHT AUTO SALES
Reported 19th, Jun. 2013. | Complain this number

again do your research. this guy has enough complaint on him so that no one should claim they dont know who they are dealing with. good luck cause you cant sueeze blood out of turnip. sculley will squeeze you dry

The caller was identified as priced right auto sales
Reported 1st, Jul. 2013. | Complain this number
Chris P

These guys took advantage of a first time car buyer her grandmother and great grandmother none of which know anything about vehicles. They sold this girl a 2000 cougar for over 3100.00 dollars the car is at best dilapidated. The seats are torn the sunroof does not work the dash has been taken apart and loosely put back together again. The engine whines going down the road wiring harnesses are sticking out of the back seat the trunk release does not work the window molding is pealing off the freaking car!! Driving off the lot the brakes where squealing. She drove it 10 miles from the lot and the fuel pump quits. The car has 137,000 miles on it in "Fair" condition the Kelly blue book value if sold privately is 1004.00 dollars this car is nowhere near "Fair" condition. The worst part is they bought it as is so wow never buy cars from these people they will s***w you. Even though they are "Christians" and the man said "I didn't make a penny off this deal hahahah". Buyer Beware.

The caller was identified as Darren Sculley and Priced Right Auto Sales
Reported 7th, Jan. 2014. | Complain this number

Sold a piece of s**t Nissan xterra to me, the seats didn't move the shifter gets stuck, the battery went out the 2nd day. Tires bald way past the legal bars. Transmission started shifting hard not even a week into owning it. Mentally and emotionally abused by these people as they yelled and cussed me out repeatedly. Repoed the truck and wouldn't return my personal belongings without 45$. When I got my stuff back I notice that my wallet had been gone thru. Scam artists out to get money how ever they can. Christians? Yeah ok.don't buy anything from them you'll regret it! And I'm only 19!!!

The caller was identified as priced right auto sales
Reported 22nd, Jan. 2014. | Complain this number

Wow-when will all you folks learn about these con artists? Look online BEFORE you buy-it will save a lot of heartache. The people that own this "business" are nothing short of hypocritical. They attend a cult called My Father's Vineyard and talk the talk, but when it comes to living what they preach-forget it! I'm sure that Karen and Darrin Sculley went to church after they robbed you and put 10% in the plate for the cult. It's gonna come back on Sculley-you better believe it

The caller was identified as Darrin and Karen Sculley
Reported 23rd, Jan. 2014. | Complain this number
frank t

Bought 2001 Pontiac from these crooks. Darrin said car was in.like new condition and it had been checked out. After 3 weeks transmission failed and powersterring needs repair. So much for. Honesty. Lost my money because I believed the lies

The caller was identified as prices right auto sakes
Reported 14th, Nov. 2014. | Complain this number
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