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(832) 706-**** Phone Numbers

Cell Phones
Near Houston, Texas
Issued by Sprint Spectrum L.p.

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 2012.

While 8327063783 was originally issued with the info above, the owner of the phone number (832) 706-3783 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 30% of people reported it as "Collection Agency". You are the 8th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 10 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "Paul Anderson and Courtney Miller, courtney miller".

User Complaints for (832) 706-3783

Caller name: Paul Anderson and Courtney Miller

Myself along with my husband and brother received calls stating that I have 2 or more felonies pending in Texas (red flag #1 I've never done anything to have a felony for. Red flag #2 they asked for me by my former married name). I called them back & recorded the phone call. First person who answered hung up when I wouldn't give them any information until they advised me what agency they are working on behalf of (duh. because they AREN'T). Called back again & got a man...I asked for "Paul Anderson" & was placed on hold for several minutes. Hung up & called back & got "Courtney Miller" who again would not give me any information about these supposed felonies...she just told me that "fine. we will process these through the State of Texas & I can deal with them." I called back again & get "Courtney" again & she begins to tell me that they are going to file harassment charges on ME LOL! I said "Oh you don't like it with the script is flipped huh?" She hung up. So I called back again & asked to speak to "Paul" She told me that he wasn't available. She said "Mrs. Misty L***** you are definitely going to be hit with harrasment charges" I laughed & said "Bring it on honey I will give you my address to come find me.....I want to speak with someone that can give me founded proof that I have felonies in Texas" She replied that "Youre going to see the proof when you look at the bottom of the arrest warrant and see Courtney Miller co-signer Paul Anderson you're going to see how real this is because unfortunately you don't know who I am or what it is that I do. I'm going to make sure you're shoved in the back of a sherriffs sedan. I hope you have someone to take over your Bebe's kids because their dog asses are going to be thrown in Prison and family victim services you scum bag now stop calling me." I said "OH my goodness I am so glad I have that recorded!" She hung up on me.

- Misty

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[Reply] October 16, 2014

Yes they did and were very rude and disgusting

- Anonymous

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[Reply] April 26, 2013

Caller name: Courtney

This lady called my father in law and scared the c**p out of him. She told him that there was a warrant out for her arrest and she is going to jail . Kept talking about a check not paid for or something ... We have not had a checking account in 6 years and the lady calling lied about the warrant and we checked online . It was a fear call to scare someone into paying ... Very disgusting and vile behaviour. I am reporting to FCC

- john M

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[Reply] May 16, 2013

Caller name: Courtney miller

I am having a major surgery tomorrow and have a sick baby with bleeding eyes. When my husband told her what was going on she said if she's there then she can talk. He told her no and she said well then she's going to jail. He said come and get her then. We have tried to call back about 6x and every time she is rude she called my daughter a stupid b***h and told her that her mom was going to jail!

- Amber

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[Reply] May 22, 2013

made threats , tell of jail and same as all of the above comments, these people use scare tactics, done tell u they are going to give u a few hrs to call someone to borrow money from then they are turning u in to get a warrant processed as soon as possible. they give no info on who u owe, and when u tell them u have never business with the co. they speak of they tell u to pay the money and prove that later

- Anonymous

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[Reply] February 21, 2014

Caller name: Compliance Division aka Legal Research Group aka Fin Crime Services

same here, threatening voice message from Courtney Miller of the "Compliance Division" check fraud unit advising of 2 formal complaints filed in IL and documents of notification allegedly sent (none have been received). they have called multiple family members in different states, left harassing voice messages and even threatened arrest. i called them back 4 consecutive times trying to get their company name & confirm where they are located and why they are calling and harassing my family. I was consecutively hung up on by Courtney Miller when I wouldn't confirm if I was the person she was seeking. I then spoke with an officer Robek #4928 who said that he's been doing this for 36 years who (whatever the h**l "this" is). as i pressed for their company information and expressed my discontent with his question if i was the "criminal [name withheld]", he said "run a gps & "pick her up" then hung up. i called back just to tell him to "come and get me" and got hung up on again after being told not to call him again. my 4th call led me to Rachel Monihan who said they are "Legal Research Group" and are not a debt collector, but a processing company for several states and help them process warrants for child support, alimony and check fraud cases. she became offended when i referred to them as "you people" in asking why they would harass and threaten arrest and hung up after wishing me "good luck". my next step is to call the police to file a report. if they call you, ask if they have a license to do business in your state, get their company name & find out what state they are in. go from there to file a complaint with the SEC or FDCPA. this matter involved a person who lives in IL. i hope this information is helpful.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] May 15, 2013

Caller name: Courtney Miller

Someone named Courtney Miller called my father at home. Said I was about to be arrested. They have called before. Over a month ago. Said letters were mailed. Never received any letters. I think this is about an old debt but they are using illegal tactics to try to scare people into sending them money. If anybody was going to be arrested it would have already happened by now. These are the people that need to be arrested.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] May 23, 2013

Caller name: courtney miller

I got a call from (832) 706 3785, a woman named Courtney Miller told me my mother was going to jail and so was I for aiding and abedding my mother. Then I talked to a "police detective" who tried to scare me into telling him where my mother was ( which did not work) anyone that knows anything about the criminal justice system could see through these morons. If any of you get a call from this number have some fun with it...I did anyway haha.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] May 31, 2013

got a call from832 706 7383 she said her name was courtney miller called me on my work phone # and ask for a Courtney Bell then she call on my home phone and she ask for me she doesn't even know who they are calling

- Anonymous

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[Reply] April 26, 2013

Caller name: Mr Bosley

Got a call from a lady (unsure of name) said her company needed to talk to me about felony charges. She then connected me to somebody else and he told me the amount owed, but wouldn't tell me who I owed the money to. He told me that notices had been mailed to an address (where I no longer live) and that I should know what he is talking about. He then transfered me to Mr. Bosley and his number is 832.706.3791. He told me that I needed to borrow the money I owe from a friend by 1100 today or that the company would be filing 3 felony charges against me and that I would be arrested and put in jail for 1-3 years at a women's correctional facility in Mount Vernon, IN (which doesn't exist). Said he was calling from Hammond, IN (the phone number is listed in Texas). I still don't know who I owe the money to. Just that I owe $1,300+ . I started to ask him who he talked to on the phone when he placed me on hold and he hung up on me.

- Stacy Martin
United States

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[Reply] May 21, 2013

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