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Phone number: 816-420-4632 is located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Its exchange 420 is managed by SOUTHWESTERN BELL - MO.
The number is currently on switch number KSCYMO20DS0.
Around 33% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 83th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 150 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Kansas City, MO, CITI"

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Receive 5 or 6 calls per day , they leave no message.
One person said they were scammers, she talked to a person who also wanted their full SS number and personal info.

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 11th, Oct. 2011.

Asking about my credit cards with CITI Bank and my personal information and treating to do all sorts of things to me.

The caller was identified as UNKNOWN
Reported 26th, Oct. 2011.

They asked for my first name, last name and social security number and said this info was needed because I was late on account fees.

The caller was identified as Citi Accounts
Reported 2nd, Dec. 2011.

We are a non-profit organization and received a call from this number. The person asked to speak with a former employee. When we advised the individual no longer worked here, the caller thanked us and hung up.

Reported 8th, Dec. 2011.

Over 25 calls from this number on my caller id in the last 10 days, all are hang ups and no one there. At this point I don't care if this is from Sh-tybank or the Pope, this is beyond harassment. If any "normal" individual called one person this many times and did this they'd be in court for making prank phone calls. I wonder what would happen if we all reported this to our phone companies, police departments, etc? I wonder also if we could take out restraining orders for these harassing phone calls?

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 26th, Dec. 2011.
Robert A.

I was called by Chris of this company at 816-420-4632, he gave me two different accounts I was behind on and stated he wanted to verify my info, so I told him to tell me what information he had and he refused. He also refused to restate the name of his company (City or Citi Client Relations), which makes it seem legitimate. It is a scam. I've seen this type of thing before. File a complaint with the FBI through their website. Also, 'Chris' had an Indian accent.

The caller was identified as Chris
Reported 30th, Mar. 2012.

I am called several times a day.

Reported 19th, Apr. 2012.

I receive multiple calls each day, and when i pick up I get automatically put on hold for a long time. When I try to call back they ask for personal information like my phone number and address. I called my banks and credit cards and all confirmed they are NOT calling me, so I believe this company is trying to trick me into thinking I have an account with them so they can phish for information. It's very frustrating to get so many calls per day. It is starting to make me feel harassed and paranoid.

The caller was identified as Citi Corp?
Reported 19th, Apr. 2012.

Over 30 calls from this number since April 1st. I called back one day and they answered and ask literally for my phone number that I am calling from and wanted to me give them my account number. I threaten to call the better business bureau and they are still call me over 3 times a day! I wish I had call block on my land line

The caller was identified as CITI
Reported 22nd, Apr. 2012.

I have been getting a call from this number btwn my cel and home number at least 6x daily for the pass 4 months. I just ignore it..Not sure who these callers are. Thank goodness for caller id..

Reported 17th, May. 2012.
Jan Koester

I receive calls from this number at all time throughout the day, with no message. I don't have a Citibank account. Even though my number is registered with the National Do Not Call registry I am still receiving calls from this number.

The caller was identified as Citi
Reported 20th, May. 2012.
Dale Cas

just received 2 calls today on my cell...no one speaks.. I'm on the do not call registry and don't understand why this is happening. how do I get it to stop?

Reported 20th, May. 2012.

calling my work and my cell, claiming to be from citibank, no message, just hang up, how do I get this to stop>

Reported 2nd, Jul. 2012.

They called repeatedly and say they are with Citibank saying my account is in arrears. They said they cannot give out any information about why they are calling unless you answer the appropriate security questions. I called Citibank and was told my accounts were fine and they did not call. Report these people to as many agencies as you can.

The caller was identified as Citi Relations
Reported 17th, Jul. 2012.

They called telling me my credit card was in arrears and asked for my security information relating to my Citibank credit cards before they could divulge any additional information. I confirmed with Citibank they did not call me, there was nothing wrong with my accounts and phone number 813-420-4632 is not associated with Citibank. I called them back, told them I knew they were trying to scam me and not to call me again. The reply was they would not stop calling even though I am registered with Do Not Call. They authorities need to shut them down.

The caller was identified as Citibank
Reported 19th, Jul. 2012.

This number first called my job number and left a message to call them back. I did not call them. vI than received a call on my cell with caller id showing same number. When I answered, no one spoke on the other end. Later that day, I receive another call on my home, land-land, number. I let the call go to my voice mail but again, no one spoke.

The caller was identified as no name
Reported 23rd, Aug. 2012.

I have been called many times and they want all of my info to include ssn. There must be some very nieve people that give these callers all of their info. Other wise these people / scammers would stop trying. Citibank told me that all of my accounts are paid up and that they do not call people.

The caller was identified as Larry
Reported 31st, Aug. 2012.

How do we get them to stop? Do not call list does not seem to work. Anyone have any satisfaction contacting legitimate Citi Group to stop harrassment?

Reported 31st, Aug. 2012.

This number needs to be turned in for harassment!!!! Stop calling.

Reported 12th, Sep. 2012.

received several calls daily from ths number-Today alone 3 times so far 834 am. 1217 pm and 1258pm and I'm sure they will call again.I have not answered any so far

Reported 26th, Oct. 2012.

Why don't they leave a message??????
Why call so many times if you're not going to leave a message?????

Reported 6th, Nov. 2012.
Micahel B.

i'm calling them now. i'm gonna wait till someone answers just so i can say "kiss my a*s"

The caller was identified as citi something
Reported 10th, Dec. 2012.

I received this call on my cell phone. I didn't get to the phone on time because it was in another room. I saw the number on the caller ID and was immediately suspicious since I don't know any one in the 816 area code. I looked the number up on the internet.
Thanks for the warning. If they call again I will be prepared.

The caller was identified as ????
Reported 16th, Dec. 2012.
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